#TeachingGoesOn Campaign

In January 2021, the HWPL Department of Peace Education began the #TeachingGoesOn campaign with peace educators around the world in order to support efforts to overcome the education crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign aims to re-identify the value of educators. It also aims to show that educators, who are the foundation of education, are the driving force behind overcoming the global education crisis as well as deliver love and encouragement to educators worldwide.

According to a UN report released in August 2020, more than 1.6 billion students in 190 countries are facing educational hardships due to Covid-19. Many countries have closed their schools and begun online classes. Marginalized students have fallen behind in education because they are unable to access necessary tools for online education. As students began to spend more time at home due to school closures, problems such as child labor, child abuse, decrease of socialization, and depression are on the rise. Even in countries that have not closed their schools, students are experiencing a lack of educational motivation because the schools have not been able to carry out their annual curriculum as planned. This education crisis does not only affect students. Teachers must also continuously adjust to new guidelines that change constantly, prepare classroom materials that fit the online education environment, and must learn additional skills to carry out online classes on video conference solutions. As the pandemic is becoming prolonged, the workload of teachers is increasing, which is leading to more stress. There are even educators around the world who are leaving the field because they are unable to receive compensation due to the economic crisis.

On 4 August 2020, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres tweeted a video and said, “As the world faces unsustainable levels of inequality, we need education – the great equalizer – more than ever.”

The HWPL Department of Peace Education is surveying educators by countries to gather information of any hardships they are facing in the education field due to the chaos and disruption caused by the prolonged pandemic. The department also plans to send letters and videos of encouragement made by students and citizens to educators. As educators play the most important role in education, the department will draw up various support measures through the campaign to help educators gain courage and overcome the crisis.

Educators are like parents to students. They teach students necessary skills and knowledge to live their lives as well as help students develop the correct mindset by playing the role of a moral compass. Therefore, educators who teach and protect students are the foundation of a country’s education so the role is even more valuable during the Covid-19 pandemic. The educators who protect the next generation will be forever remembered as heroes.

It is more important than ever to provide high-quality education based on Education 2030 of the 4th SDG. Already a supporter of the educational environment of students and educators through Peace Education, HWPL hopes to further assist educators in overcoming hardships and find hope through the new #TeachingGoesOn campaign, and request that politicians, business leaders, parents, and youth will all show their support for educators.