Inside the WARP Summit 2016

  • 11th November, 2016

    The Story Behind IPYG’s Card Section Performance at the WARP Summit
    Last month at the WARP Summit 2016, 12,126 IPYG youth created spectacular scenes of War and Peace that captivated the viewers, which was seen as the result of purely voluntary efforts in raising great awareness for peace. Behind the scenes, however, performers, staff, and organizers, under scorching heat and humidity, spent over 180 hours practicing in the span of 18 consecutive weeks....
  • 28th November, 2016

    Conveying peace through microphones
    133 volunteers in translation and interpretation services were involved in the WARP Summit 2016, providing simultaneous translation into 19 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French etc. Considering how the UN provides translation mainly into 6 languages, the WARP Summit was very extraordinary in providing translation service for so many different languages.


Media Forum for Advocacy of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Since the WARP Summit 2014, press and media agencies in cooperation with...

Celebrating the finale of the WARP Summit 2016

Those who took part in the Peace Festival of the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit also came to the HWPL Annual Banquet 2016. On the white walls of the Peace Palace...


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