Alliance of Religions

Alliance of Religions
Main Initiatives

1. WARP Offices

The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Offices are where religious leaders of various faiths and disciplines gather regularly to discuss their scriptures. The comparative scriptural discussions are a way for participants to foster deeper and more empathetic discussions and greater openness in thought-sharing on how to evoke religious harmony and collaboration. The main goal of the discussions and meetings is to find true peace amongst religions through finding trustworthiness in scriptures. As of July 2022, there are 274 WARP offices in operation in 129 countries. By participating, the religious leaders are grasping a clear idea of the duty they need to fulfill, finding specific ways to realize peace, and trying to prevent religious conflicts from taking place.
WARP offices are actively contributing to building a peaceful world by resolving disputes that derive from religious misunderstanding and promoting a more in-depth understanding of the standards, teachings, and the notion of peace in each religious text.

Current Status of WARP Office

2. HWPL Religious Youth Peace Camp

HWPL’s Religious Youth Peace Camp is an initiative with the aim of fostering youth as key players in peacefully resolving conflicts and enhancing their capacity as such by providing an opportunity to have religious and cultural exchange among youth worldwide, including members of youth organizations. Those who take part in the camp experience different cultures and religions, and find ways that religious communities should function in order to establish peace on earth. As of July 2022, the peace camp has been held 52 rounds in 26 countries.
Through various programs, such as those on the history of the world’s religion, experiencing religions other than mine first-hand, and finding means to fundamentally address conflicts with religious causes, the participants are able to widen their perspective on religion.

3. Open Dialogue with Religious Leaders

The Open Dialogue with Religious Leaders has been held regularly for Christian denominations in Korea to promote communication and harmony. Through the dialogue, Christians, who carry the same scripture called the Bible, are able to recognize the differences in biblical interpretation of diverse denominations and better understand each other. Pastors representing different denominations take part as speakers and discuss a particular topic when the dialogue is held, so the audience can hear different interpretations of various denominations in one place. Since the open dialogue first started in January 2018, it has been held 732 times (as of July 2022), and Christian leaders in South Korea are actively engaging in the discussions.

4. MOUs with Religious Organizations

Starting with the signing of the MOU with the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council in 2018, HWPL continued to sign MOUs with religious organizations such as Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Korean Buddhism Jogyejong Conference, and more at the 2019 HWPL World Peace Summit. HWPL plans to continue its collaboration and engagement with religious organizations in order to further spread the culture of religious peace in a concerted effort.