525 Peace Walk

Every year on May 25th, the IPYG member organizations from around the world commemorate the proclamation of the Declaration of World Peace by participating in the Peace Walk. This event aims to advocate for the establishment of international law for the cessation of war.

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918 International Youth Peace Conference

Every year on September 18th, IPYG and its member organizations worldwide gather in one place. Youth from all corners of the world come together at the International Youth Peace Conference to reaffirm the goals of peace established at the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit and share the achievements of peace initiatives conducted in each country.

Youth Peace Summit

Youth take on the role of mediators in local conflicts and disputes. The Youth Peace Summit seeks to resolve misunderstandings between conflicting parties through dialogue and explore ways for society as a whole to move towards understanding and reconciliation.

Youth Engagement & Peacebuilding Working Group (YEPW)

IPYG operates the Youth Engagement & Peacebuilding Working Group (YEPW) at the national or regional level. This Working Group encourages the participation of older generations to address various issues threatening peace and security within local communities, implementing youth-centered solutions. Activities such as Peace Walks, Peace Letter Campaigns, Youth Peace Summits, and various volunteer activities are carried out under the leadership of this Working Group.

Peace Letter Campaign

For Myself, For Us
And For the Future, I Pick Up the Pen
The Peace Letter Campaign is a peace movement where individuals send handwritten letters urging leaders of each country to cease conflicts and support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

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Promoting HWPL Peace Education

Promoting peace education and its necessity worldwide for the establishment of sustainable peace.

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Youth Empowerment Peace Class (YEPC)

To ensure that no one is excluded from the right to enjoy peace and to learn about peace, IPYG opens the Youth Empowerment Peace Class (YEPC) and provides basic educational opportunities to everyone around the globe. The YEPC, conducted both online and offline, consists of various programs aimed at addressing issues faced by youth such as drug abuse, parental upbringing, gender equality, and capacity building for employment.

Volunteer Activities

Peace begins with action. We volunteer for our neighbors, local communities, and the world.