HWPL Peace Education

HWPL Peace Education
Main Initiatives

HWPL Peace Education Curriculum

Over the past two years, HWPL has made efforts to develop peace education curriculum by receiving advice from the ministries of education and teachers from each country. Also, about 50 education experts from various countries participated in reviewing the peace education curriculum. As of 2019, the standard curriculum is comprised of 12 lessons. In all classes, teachers can develop their own lesson plans or tools freely according to the level and environment of each country and community using the standard curriculum. * HWPL shares how lessons were conducted in each country.

In lessons 1 to 4, students start by discovering peace in nature that has blossomed life for billions of years, and learn that all creation is harmonious because everything lives together in harmony with their own value of existence. Students can develop their abilities to create a society where people coexist and protect each other in families, schools, workplaces, communities, countries, and international society.

Lessons 5 to 12 talk about the values of peace that should be embedded in each student’s mind. Appreciation, consideration, sacrifice, forgiveness, manners, a law-abiding spirit, courage, and more are essential values for spreading peace. Students who have learned such values will become “citizens, heroes, and messengers of peace” who will achieve world peace and leave it as a legacy for the future generations.