Peace Walk

HWPL’s 11th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and Peace Walk

– Communication for Global Citizenship of Reconciliation and Tolerance –

This year’s 11th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk themed Communication for Global Citizenship of Reconciliation and Tolerance manifests the formation and spreading of a global culture of peace. The event embodies the citizens’ active will to establish an era of peace. Through the event, HWPL will tell the world that the remarkable journey of building a world of peace begins with the citizens, the true leaders of the global community.

HWPL’s Legislate Peace (LP) project has led activities to reach a world of peace built by citizens since 2013. The project hosts citizen-led global campaigns aiming to realize sustainable peace, long yearned by every member of the global community. For the past decade, the project has addressed risks of conflict across the globe through its multifaceted activities for peace, ranging from refugee aid, disaster relief, interreligious dialogues, peace education, and human rights seminars.

25 May has become a day to celebrate peace, where citizens take the initiative in planning and organizing peace events. Celebrated around the globe, the event will deliver the vibrant voice of peace right from the scenes of peace movements transcending fields of politics, religion, education, journalism, women’s groups, and youth groups. That resonance of peace will stimulate collective civic action and help a culture of peace take root in the global society.