Annual Fiesta in Pakistan Promotes Peace Through Sports



On February 2, 100 students, 120 parents, and 20 teachers, including the principal, participated in the 2024 Peace Sports Games hosted by HWPL and Millennium Education Pakistan. Through various activities such as races, aerobics, and tug-of-war, participants hoped to promote unity and spread a culture of peace.

Millennium Education Pakistan’s relationship with HWPL began when Sabina Zakir, Millennium Education Pakistanโ€™s director of community, communications and outreach, attended the 2023 HWPL September 18th World Peace Summit. While attending the festival, Zakir asked HWPL to train Millennium Education’s school principals and staff to become peace educators so that they could teach peace education to their students.

Fifty teachers participated in the HWPL peace educator training and completed all 12 courses within six sessions. Although it was not easy for the teachers to take time out of their busy schedules to participate in the training, they were passionate about peace and actively participated.

Teachers who completed HWPLโ€™s peace educator training said they had found the answer to peace and understood the importance of becoming peace educators. They were determined to make peace and pass peace on as a legacy for future generations.



The teachers from Millennium Education Pakistan, along with volunteers from HWPL, also prepared a peace sports event. Students and parents said they were happy and honored to participate in peace activities.

โ€œPeace games are collaborative, interactive simulations designed to foster understanding, cooperation, and conflict resolution among participants,โ€ said Maira, a teacher from Millennium Education Pakistan. โ€œThe overarching goal of Annual Sports Fiesta 2024 Peace Through Sports is to navigate complex issues and reach peaceful resolutions.โ€