HWPL Paris Branch Human Rights Conference: Right to Education for Young People During Wartime


On March 16, 2024, HWPL Paris Branch held a human rights conference at the Paris Anim Center with the theme of, โ€œThe Right of Young People to Education during Wartime.โ€ About 120 people and citizens from various sectors attended the event, including the deputy mayor of the 20th district of Paris, the city councilor of Villejouf and Montreuil, and the second councillor of the UNESCO Togo delegation.



The right to receive education is the right of man to form a personality from birth, learn human dignity and value, grow, and be undisturbed as a state power or a third person. The right to education is one of the core rights that constitute human rights because decision, participation and freedom of expression all depend on the education one has received.

Wars and conflicts across the globe prevent children and young people from enjoying their right to education. According to a 2019 report by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 63% of refugee children and young people have completed primary education, 24% have completed secondary education, and only about 3% have access to higher education. Also, due to civil war and terrorism in the African region, girls are mostly directed to work instead of attending educational institutions.

Based on these circumstances, the HWPL Paris Branch held a human rights conference at the Paris Anim Center to promote awareness of the rights of young people during wartime and encourage the participation of citizens.



The event began with congratulatory speeches from the deputy mayor of the 20th district of Paris and two city council members. European Parliament member Salima Yenbu, who couldnโ€™t attend the event, gave congratulatory remarks through video.

A short testimony video from Diana, a Ukrainian youth studying abroad in the Czech Republic, gave the event participants a chance to consider the current circumstances of young people who cannot receive an education due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

During the event, the keynote speakers gave speeches about youth education during wartime. Benjamin Allahamne Minda, a law lecturer, spoke about the โ€˜Legal Measure to Protect the Right of Education.โ€™ Aminata Nโ€™diaye, head of the So Park organization, spoke about the โ€˜Various Duties of a State to Guarantee the Right of Education.โ€™ Lastly, Rouguiatou N’N’diaye, head of the organization Education for All, spoke about โ€˜Good Practices for Providing Education to Young People Who Experience War.โ€™

During the Q&A session, participants had time to ask questions and consider how to raise awareness about the importance of education.

After the event, the deputy mayor of Paris’s 20th district said, “I liked the overall content of the conference and hope to cooperate with HWPL.” Guillaume Du Souich, a city councilor of Villejuif, also expressed his support, saying, “I have a strong desire to contribute to peace through art, but I think it would be good to work with an organization that has the power to gather citizens like HWPL.”

Based on the interest and support of the conference attendees, the HWPL Paris Branch plans to continue to regularly host human rights conferences and peace exhibitions in order to spread a culture of peace in their region.