Masterpiece of Peace, Celebrating its 4th Annual Commemoration with the Shouts of Declaring World Peace by Young Adults in Leszno, Poland


Since the dawn of time, human history has been filled with sorrow because of war. A professor at Harvard Business School (MBA) and an expert in the field of successful change and leadership management, Rosabeth Moss Kanter said in her book ‘Confidence’,

โ€œIf people have a plan for change, are ready to do something different, and are thinking about what to do when new situations come up, change will lead to opportunity.”

For true world peace, what young adults need is no different from the title of Kanterโ€™s book: confidence. Four years ago, the determination for peace proclaimed by HWPL with the upmost confidence, ‘Itโ€™s possible when we act upon it’ swept across the nations, reaching as far as Poland, the opposite end of the world from Korea.

Young adults in Leszno are currently the main actors working to bring about positive changes in the community. On 27 May 2017, ten CAT members co-organized the 4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and peace walk, an event held to explore the significance of the declaration and the role of young adults in spreading a culture of peace as envisioned in the document.


Held for the first time in Poland, this commemorative event was unfamiliar to CAT members at first, but it certainly peaked their interests while they were engaged in working together for peace.

A volunteer at this event, Sarah Weill had something to note regarding the Declaration of World Peace, the masterpiece of peace which presents a clear code of conduct for all global family members of peace to follow. As part of the keynote speech, she said,

โ€œAccording to the Declaration of World Peacevwe call on all youth to unite in an effort to stop wars and pursue the restoration of peace by registering to the one and only International Peace Youth Group. The effort for world peace is the duty of all youths in this generation. It is the greatest work and it is the only way to stop the pointless and tragic deaths.โ€

For an upcoming event in Leszno, a multi-cultural forum as a part of a DPCW advocacy event is currently being developed while online discussions with young adults shape further sustainable activities to promote peace.