Society for Participatory Action and Reflection (SPAR)


Hello youth from all over the world!

Society for Participatory Action and Reflection NGO (hereinafter referred to as SPAR) is operating in the Mayurbhanj district of India.

SPAR organizes regular community dialogue sessions aimed at fostering understanding, reconciliation, and conflict resolution among tribal communities. It also facilitates cultural exchange programs that bring together members of different tribal communities to celebrate their diverse heritage and traditions. By doing this, SPAR aims to bridge cultural divides and promote unity and harmony among tribal groups.


โ–ฒ YEPC Peace Education Implementation


SPAR conducts peace education workshops in schools, community centers, and villages throughout the Mayurbhanj district to convey the importance of peace and non-violence to local citizens. In addition to supporting livelihoods, we provide programs to empower youth and to establish sustainable peace in the Mayurbhanj district.

We explored various peace initiatives on the IPYG website and decided to join IPYG. Through IPYG, we were able to connect with like-minded people about peace, and we learned about plans and methods to achieve peace. Additionally, we participated in the IPYGโ€™s peace campaign to achieve peace.

IPYG is regularly leading peacebuilding projects and campaigns. Their various efforts ยพ including organizing and operating events such as peace walks and spreading awareness through online platforms ยพ play an important role in promoting peace. By joining IPYG and participating in continuous peace activities, we can all contribute significantly to creating a peaceful and harmonious world.

โ€œIn a world often turbulent with conflict and discord, your generation holds the key to fostering lasting peace and harmony. Today, I wish to share insights from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a guiding light in the journey towards inner and outer peace. As young people, you possess boundless energy, creativity, and idealism. Channel these gifts towards creating a world where peace reigns supreme. Stand up against injustice, sow seeds of kindness wherever you go, and be the change you wish to see in the world. Remember, peace is not a destination but a journey โ€“ a journey that begins with each step we take toward love, understanding, and unity.โ€

With hope and solidarity,

Vijay K. Swain

State Coordinator of Odisha

Society for Participatory Action and Reflection (SPAR)


โ–ฒ Group Photo of International Volunteer Day


โ–ฒ Anti-war Campaign