The New Wave of LP (Legislate Peace)

Hello, I would like to introduce a new wave of Legislate Peace, LP activities today. Legislate Peace refers to activities involving citizens from around the world to help realize the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW). Thus far, many people have participated in LP activities including DPCW support signatures, peace walks, WARP offices, and peace education. In addition, various LP activities have been underway around the world recently, and what follows are some of the main activities we have been doing.

#1 Planting a Peace Tree.
First is planting a peace tree. This activity, which began with the suggestion of a peace-loving Ukrainian VIP, is a campaign to plant a tree and leave a message wishing for the realization of the DPCW. The purpose of this campaign is to hope that the DPCW will grow stronger and stronger, just as trees grow, to bring peace to the world. So far, there have been activities to leave a legacy of peace to future generations through peace parks and peace monuments, however, there has never been no such campaign through tree planting.

Just as a tree plants its roots and grows in one place over a long period of time, I hope that the DPCW will grow together in that region and make it a place of peace. This tree-planting campaign not only promotes the spirit of peace in the DPCW, but is in line with one of the UN’s sustainable development goals – environmental protection – showing that HWPL is working as an UN-associated organization.

Starting with Ukraine, up to now, a total of 1,000 HWPL members from 21 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and South Korea, are participating. Let’s cheer for these trees to grow and remain a legacy for future generations as peace trees.

#2 Peace Policy Proposal
The second new wave is the ongoing peace policy proposal in Mali, Africa. In Mali, policy proposals, one of the most direct channels for citizens to deliver their voices to the country, are actively underway. In response, HWPL members and policy experts are gathering together to make the new Mali policy contain citizens’ desire for peace. To this end, citizens and experts are divided into regions to conduct discussions and consultations. Currently, it is said that they are in the process of receiving opinions on citizens’ policies and consulting legislative experts, and plan to go through this process three or four more times and submit it to the government after collecting opinions across Mali. I will introduce the interim results of these activities, which directly appeal citizens’ ideas to the nation, at the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit.

#3 Social Contribution Activity
Lastly, the activity I would like to introduce is a social contribution activity. HWPL is a peace organization that focuses on its own peace projects. But it also plays a role as a neighbor who lives with the community. We have also practiced sharing when help is needed around us. Among them, there were moments when we reached out to help during the recent COVID-19 pandemic era. First, in California, United States, there was a case of distributing necessary food and supplies for young students who return to school after COVID-19. In addition, HWPL members in the region donated blood to nearby hospitals after a blood shortage occurred due to the pandemic. Through this, although it may seem small, it was a source for some strength for those who were in need of help. Furthermore, in Haiti in the Caribbean region, there was a case there was a case where some HWPL members shared food with the community.

In this way, HWPL is doing its best to actualize world peace and the cessation of war, and is also sharing the heart of hospitality and unity with its neighbors.

I’ve introduced you to new LP activities so far. Again, the LP you saw is an activity to actualize peace in the community and around the world with the DPCW that is based on the peace law. Among this, peace education, peace seminars, religious peace camps, peace walks, youth empowerment peace workshops, and media forums, which have been frequently introduced, are continuing 365 days a year, although not all citizens around the world are participating yet. However, we know that peace is not only something that is needed in some countries and regions; peace is essential to the happiness of all mankind in the world. And each country and community can have more diverse campaigns and projects than the LPs that have been done so far, just like the new wave of LP introduced today. Methods can vary, but the most important thing is everyone’s interest and participation. “We are one,” is often said during HWPL events. It’s a very simple sentence and a universal concept, but in human history, changes that were unimaginable occurred when the voices of people came together. Everything is possible. And the world is now waiting for that change. I’ll take another step for peace first. I will end today’s introduction by cheering for everyone attending this event to take their step forward for peace too.