The Story that HWPL Peace Messengers Achieve Peace: IPYG

Many peace messengers from all over the world attended the “7th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit” held online last month. HWPL asked some common questions to the attendees for the future activities. Many answered with all their heart, and HWPL would like to share some of them.

Meet the stories of the peace messengers who are achieving peace with HWPL in their respective fields such as peace international law, alliance of religions, peace education, and the IPYG!

▲ Mutinta Mulenga, Chosen Generation Youth Club Solwezi(CGYC)(Left), Founder, Birendra Poudel, Nepal Friendship Society, Founder/Chairperson

Q1. How has HWPL peace activities influenced you?

Mutinta Mulenga, Chosen Generation Youth Club Solwezi(CGYC), Founder
It personally has encouraged me and I have learned a lot from the activities that we have learning online through the IPYG platform interactive lessons and peace education. YEPC, YEPW has been an encouraging and wonderful platform to allow me as a person to be able to relate actually how I was brought up from my parents. It has helped me to understand my character and how I respond to situations that happen in my life. HWPL activities have impacted my life in a very positive way to understand the fact that I need to coexist with other people that have different beliefs, views, and different subject matters. I’m very grateful that I’ve been part of ongoing online peace education classes that have being going on.

Birendra Poudel, Nepal Friendship Society, Founder/Chairperson
HWPL peace activates influence and motivate me to contribute, shown the performance and working towards the local level for positive change. Especially, l was remembering the day like in 2015. When I got new the information about the HWPL and then I researched about their organization. I researched the work which has they doing and their implementation and then how young people engage. That’s the main motivation for me to join and continue to support to the HWPL since 2015. So, when I was participated in 7th anniversary, the worldwide leaders were setting their feelings and setting their roles so much going on in the peace activities in worldwide. The people are impacting directly the local level like so many young leaders engage through HWPL. So, that’s the main reason to motivate to me to work in ground level.

Q2. Like the theme of the 7th Anniversary of the September 18 HWPL World Peace Summit, joint efforts are urgently needed for sustainable peace. In times like this, what do you think is the ‘common effort’ for sustainable peace? Also, what would your plans be for sustainable peace with HWPL?

Mutinta Mulenga, Chosen Generation Youth Club Solwezi(CGYC), Founder
To me, the concerted action for sustainable peace means that we have to come together as a member of the peace family across the globe. It requires us to have plans input agreed in peace activities and we can actually sustain the peace that we are enjoying. It has to take us to jointly work together and continue to coordinate and collaborate for us to be able to sustain peace. I think that is how I can interpret the concerted action for sustainable peace.

I think the first thing that I need to do is share the peace education that I attended and the messages that I have learned. I need to share with colleagues at work, family, and community in my organization. I think that’s the first thing that I can do to share the education so that we are on the same page, understanding the importance of peace.

Birendra Poudel, Nepal Friendship Society, Founder/Chairperson
That’s a very important question. We are looking for the sustainable peace and we are looking for a long-term goal and a long-term vision and a long-term impact. Still that, what HWPL focus on the peace and citizens after all for example trying to call the signature, trying to submit the impact even United Nations. And then regarding the sustainable peace like what HWPL main role and what impact to me is like empowering the young children to make a peace education. For example, when we implement the peace education in this school level, so that they will be more aware of the peace and their roles. So that from the small aids, they will know more information about the peace. That’s much more important things need to be implemented from HWPL and from our side also.

And then we try to involve, empower and then we try to engage, we try to tell our government. For example, I’m a representative of Nepal, so I have to tell them “That’s the most important to implement of the peace education”. So, If we implement the peace education in this school level, that could be the one of the most impact for the sustainable peace.