To the peace messengers around the world,

Mr. Kenneth Herbert Young, the Director of Canadian Veterans Advocacy who has been carrying out peace activities with Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) for years in Canada, sent a message of peace. Despite his ill health, he delivered a warm and powerful message of support to the peace messengers around the world who continue to achieve peace even during this pandemic.

We wish Mr. Kenneth Herbert Young recovers from his health, along with the day the pandemic ends so that we can achieve peace together and meet face to face. With this hope, here is a message from Mr. Kenneth Herbert Young.

Good day, my name is Kenneth H Young CD. I am Canadian and I am very proud to be able to call myself a peace messenger of HWPL.

Hello fellow peace messengers of HWPL. I welcome each and every country and all delegates. I welcome all members of HWPL and IWPG but most of all I welcome IPYG members because you are our hope for the future.

First let me say that I hope each and every one of you are safe and in good health. This Covid-19 may slow us down but it will not stop the dream.

I would like to address the younger members such as IPYG and anyone else who has become disillusioned with what has been going on during this pandemic, including what is being done to HWPL and its leadership.

One sure sign that what HWPL is doing is working is the fury of the people trying to destroy the efforts of tens of millions of us who are looking for and working towards world peace. The very fact that they are spending so much time, effort and money to crush the HWPL movement for world peace is proof that we are slowly but surely succeeding in our efforts.

One must always remember that the War Mongers (meaning the Industrial War Complex and their Industries) would stand to lose trillions of dollars if even a fraction of world peace was ever declared.

Hold your heads high, keep up the righteous cause of world peace and bask in the knowledge that we together are not only One, but we are the ONE which is making a difference. So much so that they are using their money, might and energy to try and destroy us.

So once again HOLD YOUR HEADS HIGH; not only are WE ONE but We are, The Only ONES Making a Difference.

The famous quote “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” originated with Mahatma Gandhi.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Kenneth Herbert Young
Director, Canadian Veterans Advocacy