Transforming the warring nations into peaceful nations South Sudan


Kapuki Senior Secondary School located in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan, hosted the โ€œ4th Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and Peace Walkโ€, in which 5,000 people participated.

Makoy Yuahnis Kuong, a Peace Project Officer at the National Development Initiative, said,

โ€œI hope leaders will listen today to the people calling and urging for peace. When we embrace one another and put substantive efforts into peace, it shall be achieved.โ€


Bini Kuajien, Chairman of the Internally Displaced People Youth Forum, participated in the commemorative event as a representative from a UN refugee camp and received 500 letters with peace messages written by students from multiple schools in Juba.

Sunge Emmanuel, amidst all the activities held at the event, said,

โ€œLet us all become peace messengers and achieve our purpose and dream. We, youths, shall tell the future generations on how we transformed the warring nations into peaceful nations.โ€

South Sudan witnessed the commemorative events taking place not only in Juba city but also at the Peace Hall and the Bussere National Secondary School in the state of Wau. Awadia Yagoub, Peace and Reconciliation Advisor, Dominic Emilio, Security Advisor, James Anou Dimo, Protocol Director, and the heads of other organizations all pledged themselves to peace-building efforts.