Ulaanbaatar Peace Forum: National Pride and the Great Legacy of Peace


On June 21, the โ€˜Ulaanbaatar Peace Forum: National Pride and the Great Legacy of Peaceโ€™ was held at the Tuushin Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The messengers of peace in Mongolia who attended the event shared the fruits of HWPL peace projects achieved in Mongolia so far and pledged future development.



The event was attended by a total of 400 people, including Oyunbaatar Tserendash, former Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia; Sh. Sukhbaatar and Darjaa Nasanjargal, two former Ministers of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Industry; and Norjmaa Togtokh and Chilkhaajav Avdai, two former Members of Parliament; and numerous government officials, veterans, soldiers, experts in the field of law, education, and religion, as well as citizens.

In celebration of the forum, congratulatory videos were also sent from Romania and Germany. Former Romanian President Emil Constantinescu said, โ€œYour pursuit of peace is applaudable as it is challenging, and it will be as difficult as it is important. To dedicate your efforts to becoming an active messenger for peace is no simple task. What you are embarking upon will require great determination, perseverance, and a great dose of optimism. It will require you to take pride in the smallest of victories and to learn all you can from your setbacks,โ€ delivering his words of encouragement to young people who are committed to peace.

Tuvaan Batsuri, Mongolian War Veteran, paid tribute to HWPL, which hosted the event, and thanked the veterans who survived the war like himself in his congratulatory speech.

“This peace forum, organized by HWPL, aims to make the public recognize the threat and damage of war, keep such terrible acts away, and eliminate war which is an urgent problem in the world,” said Choijamts Yadmaa, Mongolian Major General. โ€œOn behalf of the participants in Mongolia’s peacekeeping activities, we support the successful operation of this peace organization, and we hope that the proposals and goals to be pursued at this meeting will be implemented in reality,” he added.

Former Mongolian Deputy Prime Minister Oyunbaatar Tserendash who presented a speech under the theme of โ€˜Importance of International Cooperation for Peace Building,โ€™ said, “HWPL’s peace activities conducted in Mongolia so far are very important, and the value and understanding of peace are increasing day by day.โ€ And he emphasized, saying โ€œI strongly believe that HWPL’s LP project is becoming a reality in Mongolia, and through this, people will learn peace, love peace, and finally pass on a peaceful society to future generations.”



Sainbuyan Nergui, the Great Monk of Sain Nomuun Monastery, who gave a presentation about โ€˜Religious alliance activities in Mongoliaโ€™ said, โ€œReligious peopleโ€™s participation for peace is very important. In God’s religion, there are three cornerstones, namely, karma, soul, and morality. Among them, the root cause of Karma has a great influence on everyone’s peace and welfare. The more good karma spreads, the better society and family can be. Anyone in any religion should pay attention to these three things. If we can do that, peace will come of its own accord.”

Baatar Battulga, the Senior Specialist of Curriculum Implementation at the General Authority for Education said, “To achieve peace, we must first understand the value of peace. HWPLโ€™s Peace Education instills youth in their desire to protect the planet and teaches them to create a positive atmosphere in schools, classrooms, and homes. In particular, it is important to teach children ethics and humanitarian education,โ€ reaffirming the importance of Peace Education.



Finally, the IPYG performance team performed “Beautiful Nation, Mongolia,” and participants signed their support for the “Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).” HWPL, which has been actively carrying out peace projects in Mongolia since October last year, plans to spread a culture of peace with experts in various fields in Mongolia and encourage civil society to actively participate in peace activities.