Alliance of Religions

Alliance of Religions
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Alliance of Religions

Path Towards World Peace: Comparative Discourse on Scriptures Focusing on Peace

Amid persisting conflicts and disputes among religions, HWPL has recognized how crucial religious harmony is in building a peaceful world. As most religious texts share the value of peace, justice, human dignity, respect, and harmony, when religious leaders and believers focus on the value embedded in their scriptures and promote understanding of each other’s text, harmony among religious groups is possible. To this end, HWPL has been implementing initiatives including WARP Offices, Religious Youth Peace Camp, and Open Dialogue with Religious Leaders across the globe to serve as the platform for facilitating harmony among varying religious groups.

What does alliance of religion mean?

At the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit held in 2014, 950 participants including 12 leaders who represented various religious groups worldwide signed the World Alliance of Religions Agreement and vowed to establish peace among religions.

Ever since, people of religion including the high profile figures, have been putting in concerted efforts through HWPL’s network to achieve peace among religions in different parts of the globe. Religious leaders of over 30 groups including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism have understood that peace and harmony of mankind are shared values in their respective scriptures, and that is why they have been proactively engaging in the activities for peace. While transcending religions, national borders, and ethnicities, they are those on the frontline, extending helping hands to the people in need of peace.