HWPL Peace Education

HWPL Peace Education
Main Initiatives

HWPL Peace Education

It is an education that fosters citizens of peace with the value and spirit of peace.

There is no place under heaven and earth that is more beautiful and better to live in than the Earth. However, many people are suffering from war, famine, a gap between the rich and the poor, environmental pollution, and more all over the world due to human greed and selfishness. Such reality that humanity faces still remains a problem to be solved and is being passed on to the future generations. Therefore, HWPL proposed peace education as a way to leave a beautiful world of peace as a legacy for the future generations.

Training a rising generation as citizens of peace is more important than anything else to transform the future of the global community into a better world. In order for such future leaders to be born, education must be provided to students at school on topics such as peaceful attitudes, values, and experiences so that they can practice them in society.

HWPL Peace Education’s Vision and Goals

It aims for the heroes responsible for the next generation to become citizens of peace, cultivate the spirit of peace, and solve global security problems so that they become leaders who create global harmony and achieve peace.

Structure of HWPL Peace Education Curriculum

Part 1 Finding the meaning of peace and its value

Everything in nature has a different look and characteristic, but it all comes together creating harmony as well as beautiful scenery. If one understands the principles of “respect diversity and harmony” and “cooperation and coexistence” embedded within nature, then they will realize that the human world can also move forward in harmony and beauty.
In part 1, students learn about how various people with different races, religions, cultures, nationalities, ideas, appearances, and more gather to form order and a harmonious relationship, and the true meaning and value of peace.

Part 2 Being qualified as a citizen of peace

In part 2, students learn about specific ways to live in harmony with everyone in the world and the community – beyond their families and neighbors. It helps to develop upright values and the character needed to coexist peacefully with others and solve all problems peacefully.

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