Religious Leaders Unite under Peace and Truth International Religious Leaders Conference Part II โ€“ Dialogue Scripture


Part II Dialogue Scripture

167 religious leaders who had previously participated at HWPLโ€™s WARP Office meetings in their respective countries held panel discussions. Religious leaders representing various faiths such as Greek Orthodox, Anglican Church, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism participated as panels. Each panel discussed in regards to the following three questions on what constitutes a trustworthy scripture.

1.ย Father Abraam Emil Nagy,Priest of St. Mark Coptic Orthodoxย Church of Alexandria, Egypt
2. The Rt Rev.ย Peter Gatbel Kunen Lualย Bishop of The Episcopal Church of South Sudan โ€“The Greater Upper Nile Nasir Anglican Diocese, Austraila
3. Prof.,ย Dr. Dawud Olatokunbo Shittu Noibiย Executive Secretary of Muslim Ummah ofย SouthWest of Nigeria, Nigeria

4.ย Mr. Deva Kaji Shakyaย President of the Nepal Chapter of BLIA, Nepal
5.ย Rev. Acharya Prem Shankaranandย Tirthย High Hindu Priest of Shree Geeta Ashram of Delhi , India
6.Ambassadorย Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsaย Ambassador of Sikh Religion of the Western Hemisphere, USA


1. Why is it important to search for a trustworthy Scripture and its qualities?

Father Abraam Emil Nagy

As you know that all scriptures for those who believe in them are considered as rules that organize the relationship between God the creator and human beings, so all those books are specifying and tracing the eternal fate of human beings evil and good ones, as well as specifying the nature of God, and all deeds human beings should do to live in peace and happiness, so it is necessary to search properly in the integrity of the scriptures.

Prof. Dr. Dawud Olatokunbo Shittu Noibi

It is only a trustworthy religious Scripture that deserves our confidence in its contents as source of authentic information about the Supreme Being. It is important, therefore, that human beings identify the qualities of an authentic and trustworthy Scripture, and thus ensure that we follow ONLY true guidance from God.

Mr. Deva Kaji Shakya

We need to have knowledge and clear understanding of main principles or tenets underlying the religious faiths. The scriptures should be able to define and explain them clearly, so that the followers will not be confused and they will not deviate from what the great teachers or pioneers have taught.

2. What is a requirement that defines a trustworthy Scripture?

The Rt Rev. Peter Gatbel Kunen Lual

God is trustworthy and His people are called to be trustworthy because He wanted them to tell truth and defend the faith and truth. One element that defines a trustworthy Scripture is prophecy and fulfillment. The prophecy and fulfillment becomes the evidence that the Scripture is trustworthy, as what God has stated will happen does become a reality.

Rev. Acharya Prem Shankaranand Tirth

Prophecy is important and the fulfillment of His promise is important. These things are very important to consider it to be trustful. Words of God must be similar because God is one and God does not give two words but only one teaching. No religion can deny love, respect, harmony and peace. All religion can condemn about greed, anger, quarrel etc.

Ambassador, Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa

It must contain the Word of God; it should impart truth and truthful living; it should enshrine good for all mankind and the message of universal peace, brotherhood and accept diversity, etc… and to show a path to connect with God and meditate on God and show a straight path to attain salvation regardless of onesโ€™s background or religion.

3. Is prophecy and fulfillment needed within a trustworthy scripture?

  • There is no doubt that all prophetical messages in the holy Bible are a right sign of the verification of the Bible.
  • Prophecy and fulfillment is needed within a trustworthy scripture. Throughout the Scripture, God reveals to us things that are to happen. These prophetic passages are found throughout the Bible.
  • Prophesies raise the hope of trust in their source; and the fulfillment of these prophesies establish that trust and reinforce it.
  • Every prophesy of religious teachers had only one aim to alert people, to make them mindful and conscious and to leave a positive impact on their way of living
  • If any person will ask about God, then I have to give him the answer to prove that there is God by letting him know about the prophecy and fulfillment of God.
  • Unlike other Scriptures that have prophecy and fulfillment, Siri Guru Granth Sahib is solely a spiritual guide for discovery of God.

Religious leaders raised their united voices to call for search of trustworthy scripture and become one under the truth to bring peace among interfaith societies. They all agreed upon โ€˜Prophecies and fulfillmentโ€™ recorded in religious text constitutes the basis of trustworthy scripture.

This accomplishment is more significant as religious leaders from various backgrounds have come to this conclusion of collective agreements. Part II of the International Religious Leadersโ€™ Conference examined the necessity and validity of scripture comparison during the WARP office meetings.

Participating at WARP Office meetings to bring forth the alliance of religions based on the scripture comparison would be a top priority task for religious leaders. Based on todayโ€™s discussions, we anticipate participants to engage in WARP offices in more active inter-religious dialogue.