Greetings to everyone joining the 8th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit. It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I am Man Hee Lee, chairman of HWPL. How have you all been? Currently, the world is going through great hardships of the pandemic. But under the protection of the heavens, I believe peace will be upon our family of peace.

Everyone, what would be the work entrusted to us? What would be the task that must be accomplished in this generation? It is peace. It is peace indeed. I heard the United Nations was established for the purpose of global peace. However, even to this very day, wars have continued incessantly. And for this reason, our family of peace have come forward for global peace and cessation of war.

After discussing with people from different backgrounds and walks of life, we came to a conclusion that the current international law is in need of a change, and thus a new international instrument, and established the HWPL International Law Peace Committee. The committee members drafted a document for this initiative, and that was the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW. Then we proclaimed it to the whole world. So I believe people around the world know about this document well.

How is the situation now? You can see if you look at the world. The UN was created for peace, and its Security Council with five permanent members was established for the same reasons. However, one of the five countries caused a war. It was their role to prevent wars from breaking out, but they started a war themselves. This is not right.

So I would like to this opportunity to ask all the Russian authorities to stop the war against Ukraine at once. The war must stop!

This will go down in history. What will the future generations say? So please, stop the war. Everything should be resolved through dialogue. All family of peace in the global community want this war to end. If you have heard this message, please stop immediately. Wouldnโ€™t that be the right thing to do? Why must many people, many youths, lose their lives? Please think about this. What is evil and what is good? This is unacceptable. The war must come to an end.

And dear national leaders, I went on 31 rounds of world tours. What was the promise that was made at the time? It was to turn the world into a peaceful one, and everyone signed. Thatโ€™s what we did. Speakers of parliament and chief justices all signed too. I still have all the signatures even to this day. Yes, it is true. Then we should accomplish this work. We are not children who have little experience of the world. Everyone cherishes their lives, and they want and try to protect their country and people. Then the DPCW should be implemented for peace. Yes, for this very purpose.

I believe you know what happened in Mindanao. The Philippines is a country with 1.2 million people. But a civil war continued for 40 years. It was a fratricidal war. How many died as a result? Over 120,000 people. We, HWPL, stepped into this war zone. When we talked to them, they were the same people like any of us, with the same mind. There was not anything strange or wrong.

So we started to make an agreement with them, to stop this war. The agreement was not to cause this kind of conflict. This agreement was signed in just a few hours. And do you know what they brought me? It is written in Isaiah 2, โ€œThey will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation.โ€ Just as this passage, they melted down their weapon and made into a sickle, which they brought me. The promise was made with the president as well, and local leaders of the two sides agreed in front of many people to work together to create peace. They promised not to create conflict ever again.

Do you know how many peace monuments are in the Philippines now? There are many monuments around the country. Isnโ€™t this such a wonderful work? It will be a great gift for our future generations. Would they be happy if we give them money? Think about it. This peace will be their happiness and their wish. How could the same people fight amongst themselves?

Do you know? During the time of World War II, Korea didnโ€™t fight with other countries. I am sure you know well. I attended many conferences of chief justices in different countries, and every time, human rights were discussed. What did I say there? I said Korea did not fight on any side during the time of World War II. Still, the country was divided in half. It was divided by others, and a tragic war was started among the same people. People might think Korea fought the war at its own will, but this is not true. The whole country was cut in half in the middle, and not only that, a war was started. I learned this all too clearly while going around the world. Is it all right to trample on a country just because it is weak and insignificant? No, it is not.

We, peace messengers, are heroes striving for peace. Isnโ€™t that so? We work to achieve peace. That is right. Regardless of countries, no one would refuse peace, right? So this work of achieving peace is not any one individualโ€™s task, but every member of the global community should become a peace messenger. Shouldnโ€™t we create this beautiful peace and leave it as a legacy for our future generations? Is there anything more valuable than this? That is right.

I donโ€™t know what you think, but I also need to eat to survive just like any others. Even so, I went on 31 world tours for the purpose of peace. Do you think I did this work because I had nothing else to do? No, I did it for peace. Heads of state, chief justices, speakers of parliaments, and university presidents around the world all signed to achieve peace together. I have all their signatures. I have them with me.

And the conditions required for global peace were written by the members of the HWPL International Law Peace Committee. The document was drafted by the committee members. This document will be submitted to the United Nations, and it will be put to a vote. Those at the UN are the same people as us. They have the same heart. No one wants war.

I visited the UN several times and listened to them. They all wanted peace. So if a decision is made to adopt the DPCW, it should be implemented at the international level. One of the provisions calls for weapons of mass destruction to be removed. These weapons that destroy and kill humanity should be removed. The document also prohibits States from invading and pressuring other weaker States. Every State, whether it is big or small, should have its own sovereignty.

While going around the world, I have seen many things. Some countries do not have pharmacies. Some do not have hospitals. Why? Is it because their people donโ€™t fall ill? No, it is because they are invaded by another country and not allowed to have such facilities. We are born into the same world, but some places are facing such difficulties. This canโ€™t be. No, this cannot. They should be able to live on their own, and if thereโ€™s something they fall short of, their neighbors should help them out.

So the DPCW was created so that all the family of peace can live with the same rights. I am sure you know. Now for its implementation, I will make sure to send the DPCW to the United Nations. Then at the UN, people will put it to a vote. If they vote in favor, it will be implemented as it is. The HWPL International Law Peace Committee originally had 21 members, and the committee itself was a preparation for this work. I believe you know how much hard work they put in.

Since we started with a common goal, we should see it through to the finish. Yes, we should. In this world, I have met countless heads of state, chief justices, speakers of parliament, and university presidents in different countries. I have also met heads of organizations and journalists. We, HWPL, appointed national leaders as members of our Peace Advisory Council. We appointed heads of organizations as our Publicity Ambassadors. What was the purpose? For global peace.

If we promised to do this, we have to do it. And that is not all. Those of you who attended the World Peace Summit would know very well. Before God and people of the world, a promise was made. Because God is one and his word is one, religions promised to become one under God. That was the promise. And for this purpose of achieving peace, all heads of organizations promised to urge for the completion of this work. Those promises were not lies. If they were true, they should be completed. We are human beings, not beasts. If we made a promise within a relationship with others, we should keep it. That is right.

I have not changed at all. The world was hit with the unwanted virus of COVID 19. There are many in the midst of difficulties. If we live in the same world, we are all neighbors, brothers and sisters. Letโ€™s help each other and create a good world. No one will make a good world for us. No, we should make it ourselves. We should create a good world and leave it as a legacy for our future generations. Yes, we should.

The headquarters of HWPL in Korea are sending letters to you, and I am sure you have received them. We have been working for peace and sending teaching materials to universities as well. This is peace education. This is in progress at the moment, and it should be. We will not stop but finish to the end.

So I would like to ask the authorities in their respective countries, please help this peace work go well. This is to create a peaceful world where your children and grandchildren can live well. So please help those doing the peace work in your country. This is a way for our descendants to live peacefully in the future. Yes, indeed. If we are human beings, we cannot continue to argue and fight continuously even though we know this. No, we cannot.

Since today is the 8th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit, I would like to take this chance to say something to the president of Russia. I hope he will listen. While living in this world, there is one thing I realized. That is the Creator of the world. He did not just leave those who did not listen to him. As times go, I believe the president of Russia considers his own life more important than his country. Then the war must come to a stop. This cannot continue. It must stop.

As an individual, what power would I have? God in the heavens is the only power I have. He is the power. God is listening, and all creation is listening as well. Yes, indeed. So to create a good world together, let us not stop but move forward to achieve a peaceful world. And dear religious leaders! If religions call each other right and wrong, good and bad, and fight amongst themselves, what would nonbelievers say? So let us talk things through and discern what is great and small, good and bad, and choose what is good. We should not obscure the light of the world under the name of religion.

So first, we should have dialogue to discuss which is better, and religions should become one under the true God. If there is one God, why must religions be split and divided? Isnโ€™t that so? What is right? What is truth? We have to become one under God and his truth. Yes, we should.

And I told religious leaders from around the world to remember what I said. Do you know why I said this? On the day of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit, what did we say? Before God and people of the world, we made a promise. It was for religions to become one. We promised to achieve peace and religious harmony, so God would remember, wouldn’t he? Through dialogue, religions should become one under God. Yes, indeed.

For all these years, all these many years, I have done what I believe was right. And if there was something that had to be made known somewhere in the world, I made it known. But all this work was for peopleโ€™s lives. It is for peopleโ€™s lives. So we should do it. At the HWPL headquarters in Korea, many people are working at the moment. Please exchange letters frequently to show the world that we are united in heart and show it to God as well. Let us do that.

What do you all think? I have waited for this very day. On this day of the 8th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit, I wanted to deliver this message. Our work did not come to a stop, and neither is it at rest. We have to accomplish our goal. If we have no power, we have God and angels in heaven. We need to complete this work even if we have to ask for their help. Why not complete it? If it is good work, we need to accomplish it.

That is the mindset I always have. That is the mindset to accomplish what is good, even if I have to ask the heavens for their help. Let us live with the same mindset. Becoming one under God is something everyone should achieve, including religions and politics. Creating disputes and conflicts with each other instead would be unacceptable. Do you not think so? From now on, let us exchange letters frequently so we wonโ€™t forget about world peace and work together until the day of completion. Let us do this together. Yes, indeed.

My heart has not changed at all. I am only thinking about the goal. That is right. The national leaders who have met me know me. The speakers of parliament know me as well. Leaders of Pacific island nations met in Australia and promised to become one. That is not all. In Africa, members of Parliament of 55 countries came together and signed to achieve this work together, to complete it together. So how could I forget it? If we donโ€™t have enough power, we should ask heaven for its help to complete this work. We cannot leave it unaccomplished.

Please keep this in mind and send me letters frequently. I will send letters as well. If there are good suggestions to make, please let me know by letter. Also, your faces are still very vivid in my eyes. After going around the world 31 times, how could I forget you and your countries? It is still vivid in my memory. Until the day of completion, I will continue to think about it. That is my hope.

Even now, I am so thankful to the members of our International Law Peace Committee. They should be waiting eagerly as well. Because of the pandemic, it is difficult to come and go, but I believe everything will come to an end soon. I believe so. And even the heavens and the earth would want us to be successful with our work. I ask all of you to pray and be part of this work with the same mindset.

I have many things I want to say, but I cannot keep talking at a busy time like this. So everyone, let us work together to accomplish our goal. The world is watching us. And didnโ€™t we promise at the World Peace Summit? We promised before God and people of the world, so they would think this work is being done. God said we can do it. That is why I can move forward. I pray to God for endless blessings in your countries and homes.

Also, we are not two but one. Isnโ€™t that so? I will end with this phrase. WE ARE ONE! Thank you very much.