“DPCW for Change, Peace for All!”


This year’s festival will feature various programs and performances that express the changes and outcomes the DPCW will bring. As many global citizens from political leaders to common people are supporting the DPCW as a definite solution for realizing peace, the world is already transforming from a place of war to a place of peace. Please join the festival to feel the spirit of peace filled in the Korean Peninsula and the world.


l The Sound of Peace

The opening of the Peace Festival for the 2019 World Peace Summit is announced. The drum of peace is beat three times to mark the beginning of the festival as well as the dawn of an era of peace. Next, a performance is presented under the theme, “We are one.” It expresses a new world where 7.7 billion people are connected in one heart. The sound of peace and a joint performance group of 418 people (brass band – 310, marching band – 60, and female color guard – 48) show the changes of the era.

l IPYG Card Section: “History of the Korean Peninsula and the Light of Peace”

The Korean Peninsula is a land of victors who have overcome all kinds of hardships with the spirit of harmony. For those who inherited such a legacy, what kind of legacy should they prepare for the next generation? The card section performance expresses this legacy and how to leave it. 5,394 members of the IPYG, volunteers for global peace and cessation of war, prepared this performance, dreaming of the peace and unification of the Korean Peninsula. Please see the performance by the youth, who are building the most valuable legacy for the future, and embrace the same dream of peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula.

l Shining the Brilliant Light of Peace to the Whole World

HWPL Peace Performance Group, made up of 382 members, fused Korean traditional music, dance, and percussion performance into a single performance to express the spirit of the Korean people. With 5,394 card-section performers as a screen, an incredible display of media-façade decorated the finale of the 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit. As the light, color, and sound of the media-façade covered the stadium with the dynamic movement the light of life that transcends time and space, the miracles of creation and life united all the attendees and instilled hope for world peace in their hearts.

Lastly, Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, asked leaders of various countries to support the DPCW, the answer to peace, to be implemented as international law of peace. He proclaimed We Are One! by saying “We have to work for peace. A nation cannot exist without its people, and vice versa. We are the same people. And we are one family of the global community. Now, we should love and help one another and create a peaceful world together. I would like to make an earnest request to the president of South Korea as well as heads of state around the world. Please sign in support of the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW. Let us create a peaceful world without war where our children and grandchildren will live. We need to advance the arrival of peace. The DPCW will be submitted to the United Nations soon. What should we leave for future generations? It’s not money or power but a legacy of peace. We should think, “Who else but us would do this?” and everyone should move forward. Dear all around the world, let us become messengers of peace and complete a world of peace as soon as possible.”