Fostering Citizens of Peace for the Institutionalization of Peace: HWPL Peace Education in India Using Metaverse

Hello! I am Victoria Mutum from India, and I am working as a Peace Educator. HWPL has been conducting Peace Education in around 62 countries – including Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Myanmar – where people are suffering from conflicts and wars. HWPL has also been trying to make a culture of peace in the world.

Today, I would like to introduce a case where Peace Education was taught using the Metaverse, which was conducted in Jagran Public School, India. Letโ€™s watch a video to see how the students learned about peace through the Peace Academy in the virtual world called the Metaverse, while students have been struggling to have face-to-face education because of the pandemic.

The place from which the Peace Education was taught was not in Jagran Public School. Surprisingly, it was at a studentโ€™s house.


Q. Aren’t you playing a game? Are you sure you’re in class?

A. Bhavika Kaushik, Jagran Public School Student

I am currently participating in an HWPL class. This is my avatar. It may look like a game but itโ€™s more than that to me because I learn about peace.


Peace Education was taking place in the virtual world on a computer. Just like students put on a school uniform and tidy themselves before going to school, the student chooses and customizes an avatar. Going to school with a click! The student attends Peace Education in the peace village as the avatar.


Q. What kind of experiences can you have?

A. Bhavika Kaushik, Jagran Public School Student

In the class, we organize different activities. We listen to the lectures, we listen to different videos, everyone gives their presentations, and we have various activities and things that I like about the peace village such as the peace monument, the stadium, the WARP office, and the DPCW Exhibition Hall.


Q. What kind of peace education activities are in Metaverse?

A. Pratibha Singh, Jagran Public School Teacher

With metaverse, we are able to read the e-books, visit the HWPL village, and we can interact in the classroom. Also, they are able to have quiz contests and games. Itโ€™s a wonderful experience for both teachers and students; they are learning so much. They are learning about being a world citizen, and the usefulness of being a world citizen.


โ€œMetaverseโ€ is a compound word that combines meta โ€“ meaning virtual or transcending, – and universe. It refers to the virtual world where people can take part in social, economic, and cultural activities. What is unique about the Metaverse is that it has been developed to a higher level where people can interact with other through their avatars just as they would in reality.

From three rounds of Peace Education conducted through the Metaverse, students learned that a law-abiding spirit is necessary to institutionalize peace, and the necessity of a law for peace. Students introduced themselves in each group, played a racing game where they learned how to be considerate and respectful, and took a quiz on HWPLโ€™s three main peace initiatives. They also learned the necessity of having a law to achieve peace and cease wars through the video of the war that recently broke out. Furthermore, they came up with a law for peace through group discussion.


Q. What did you learn in the Metaverse peace education class?

A. Chetna Sharma, Jagran Public School Student

In the lesson, I learned about the need for international law to achieve peace. We need a law that can achieve peace. It is important that people abide by the law and if all people become citizens of peace, we would not even need the law.


Q. What was most memorable thing in the Metaverse peace education class?

A. Jaivik Sharma, Jagran Public School Student

The most memorable thing for me in the peace education class was the first video at the stadium. So, it proves that there is no benefit in war from any side even the winning nor the losing side. So, we should stop wars and live very peacefully.


Q. When did you feel the most accomplished during your contribution for peace education?

A. Priya Mishra, Jagran Public School Teacher

During the time of pandemic, students mostly, what they have experienced is be it the loss of a family member, be it in their neighborhood, or a relative. So, they were in a state of chaos. So, peace education well does a breather for them. So, when they came to school and they were attending these peace education classes, the changes I have observed is this, that they were looking out for their friends, helping each other out, uplifting others. So, I think thatโ€™s how it has helped the students – from being in a state of chaos to being in a state of peaceful, calm, composed and stable. Thatโ€™s how it is.


These are the studentsโ€™ response after taking the Peace Education through the Metaverse. Every participant stated that the class was valuable. Not only that, but they also said that they became interested in taking classes through the Metaverse and they showed their support for the DPCW becoming a legally binding document.


Q. What was the most memorable part of the Metaverse peace education class?

A. Ayush Kumar, Jagran Public School Student

The most memorable thing I felt was a creative interaction between my teachers and my friends. And we all were learning about peace through metaverse which is not found in normal online meet.


Q. What is the effect of HWPLโ€™s peace education on you?

ย A.ย  Chetna Sharma, Jagran Public School Student

Before HWPL was introduced, I never thought about peace. But now, the [HWPL] education had changed my thoughts. Even when Iโ€™m interacting with my parents or friends, I feel that I am being very polite with them and they also liked that. And now, my time management is better, too and I can handle most of my emotions.


Q. Has anything changed since you attended the peace education classes?

A. Sandhya Bhati, Jagran Public School Student

I was not very cooperative before taking these classes, but after taking them, Iโ€™ve learned how to be cooperative and how to maintain peace.


How was the video? The platform, Metaverse, allowed students to discuss a matter of peace actively and voluntarily beyond the circumstantial limits caused by the pandemic. It is easy and simple to create the Peace Academy in the Metaverse. If you have any inquiries about it, please feel free to reach out to the Peace Education Department. We will help and support you. I am sure that our concern and work to pass down the world of peace to our children will bring about a brighter future.