Gala Charity Night for the Ukrainian Refugee Children


HWPL Czech branch hosted Gala Charity Night in the New Year with Dum Dobra, a humanitarian charity organization supporting Ukrainian refugee children.

Almost two years from the outbreak of the war, thousands of Ukrainian citizens are living as refugees abroad. Among them, the majority are women and children who are experiencing inconveniences in maintaining basic livelihoods. Not only that but also suffer from mental trauma due to violence, loss, and family separation during the conflict.



The Czech Republic accepted the third largest number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe. The government and civil society have joined together to provide various supports to Ukrainian refugees across society so that they can at least forget the pain caused by the war. However, amid the prolongation of the war and the global economic downturn, support from the government and relief organizations is weakening, and new social problems such as refugee children not being guaranteed sufficient right to education due to language and cultural differences, and Ukrainian refugees not being able to function as members of society are emerging.

Based on this background, the HWPL Czech Branch planned a special event with Dum Dobra, a charity organization actively helping Ukrainian refugees who escaped the war. A special Gala Night was organized where Czech citizens and Ukrainian refugees could enjoy various cultural and artistic performances during the cold winter. We also decided to collaborate with Ukrainian artists and raise donations for refugee children by auctioning off their artworks.



The performance was organized by Ukrainian Action School, Darian Dance Studio and IPYG youth volunteers under the three themes of โ€œevil,โ€ โ€œwarm touch,โ€ and โ€œfreedomโ€. In addition, Yulia Yusenko played the Bandura, a Ukrainian national instrument, and Laye Beusse sang Senegalese music, adding variety to the performance. Total of 6 teams prepared performances to warm the hearts of attendees. Afterwards, 11 artworks by Ukrainian artists found new owners through an auction.

A total of 150 Czech figures and Ukrainian refugees from all walks of life attended the event. Citizens who had forgotten about peace have expressed their gratitude for holding this New Year event in the Czech Republic, and also participated in voluntary donations, adding to the warmer atmosphere of the event.

It was decided that the donations raised would be used to support Domdobra’s program for Ukrainian refugee children. The program will help the children overcome mental trauma of war and will include various social integration education to help them adapt to Czech society. Over the past year, more than 1,000 Ukrainian refugees have received help through the Domdobra organization, it is also expected that many more children will receive help through this program.

Moreover, in 2024, Dom Dobra and HWPL are planning to strengthen cooperation and collaborate on programs that can help the social integration of refugees living in the Czech Republic.