IPYG Australia branch spreads a culture of peace to underprivileged people in the Brisbane community.


โ–ฒ Providing free food to socially vulnerable groups


Last December, the IPYG Australian branch collaborated with Community Friends organization in the Brisbane City to conduct volunteer activities providing free food and clothing to those in need at Bunyapa Park in West End, Brisbane City.

The IPYG Australian branch initiated volunteer work to disseminate a culture of peace to neighbors and marginalized individuals within the community. They had a meeting with Mr. Mark McDonnell, Managing Director of Community Friends, an organization actively addressing the needs of people facing hardship and homelessness due to housing shortages in Brisbane. Community Friends regularly distributes food to those struggling financially and offers various forms of support to individuals experiencing homelessness.



During the recent volunteer activity, the IPYG Australian branch, alongside Community Friends, prepared food to distribute to the homeless and facilitated dialogue sessions to strengthen community networks for people with multi-national backgrounds to have social cohesion. Participants engaged in conversations aimed at fostering understanding and solidarity among individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Through these interactions, words of comfort and warmth were shared, contributing to the sense of unity and community cohesion.

Moving forward, the IPYG Australian branch plans to continue collaborating with various local organizations to conduct diverse volunteer activities aimed at spreading a culture of peace to marginalized youth and citizens within the community.