Global Citizens of Peace

Dear all,
I am BECHIR SALMI, the president of Master Peace Tunisia Monastir.

The year 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic happened and is still happening. Since then, the lockdown has been imposed as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19. As a result, most places have been closed and some even until now. These have caused serious impacts on society and economics, more so on our daily lives.

During these tough times, we should rejoice in things that we used to take for granted and not paid so much attention to. We should be happy that we are healthy and our families as well. It´s time to stick together, support each other, fight together and believe that all will get better soon.

A solution is needed to restore trust between the collapsed countries and the world. At this time, we need to look more closely at each other, especially the minorities and the weak, and find ways to engage in humanitarian activities.

The peace and humanitarian activities of HWPL and IPYG in this crisis are impressive. Not only just watching, but that you are gathering hearts of people even in this situation when it is possible only online and help for treatment of COVID 19 by donation of plasma. Though it is difficult era for everyone of us you give us the chance to see all from higher perspective and protect human rights of minorities and the weak even in this moment.

I have been working with HWPL for about five years and done peace walk, workshops, seminars, and other youth activities so far. And I realized HWPL has the answer to achieve world peace. HWPL’s unstoppable peace activities were even more impressive even though many peace organizations have stopped working after the pandemic. Participating in the youth webinar and IPYG Africa online meeting in September and October, I was able to interact with more youths in Africa and plan for making a peaceful world.

I believe that if all citizens of the world support the implementation of DPCW that HWPL aims to achieve, we will be able to overcome this crisis that is currently facing all of us. In addition, I believe that this will be possible if youth from all over the world become one through network of IPYG and raise a voice for world peace. Therefore, let us be united so that the peace movement of HWPL and IPYG can continue without stopping.

Let us not stop to work for right values due to the difficult environment but let us even more gather to protect those values and help one another.

We are one!

President of Master Peace Tunisia Monastir