HWPL Peace Education : a Pathway to Peace

On 23 July, an online event was held in Lebanon for the implementation of HWPL peace education under the theme, “HWPL Peace Education : a Pathway to Peace.”

ย This event hosted by HWPLโ€™s Gwangju & Jeonnam Branch was held with an introduction to HWPL and an explanation of the peace education initiatives conducted by HWPL. The peace educators in different countries presented their progress and feelings while conducting HWPL peace education. Various people in the education field who are cooperating in HWPL peace activities in Lebanon attended this event with interest in HWPL peace education and delivered an address on the reason for starting peace education and how it has made a positive impact on the students.

Dr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Muhammad Zangana, the Dean of English Department at Koya University in Iraq said, โ€œI myself believe that within a peaceful world everyone in this life could, of course, get a better chance to live in dignity. We all have to feel the great responsibility we have in order to convey this message of peace. I really appreciate what this organization, this lovely organization HWPL is doing for the people. I myself am very happy to be a part of any project which of course is related to peace education.โ€

Ms. Berivan Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah, the Head of the Career Development Center at the University of Zakho in Iraq explained, โ€œEspecially in a country like Iraq, which suffered a lot from war poverty and having effects on the community, the subject of peace education is very crucial to be taught here. This will help in avoiding the racism and bully issues at schools and universities.โ€ Also, she said, โ€œTherefore, one of the greatest steps that I took in my life personally was joining the training course, the HWPL education course that was organized and run by the HWPL organization. And we have plans to implement it for the rest of the departments, coalitions, and faculties from the coming year.โ€

Mr. Bouzerdan Jupiter, the Vice Rector for Finance of Saint Joseph School, said, โ€œWe’ve been trying four years to help our students accept others live in peace and promote the culture of peace. But you know our country is suffering, really suffering from a lot of difficulties. And it is not only war, we don’t have a war here, but we have a crisis. We have a financial and economic crisis and it is really hurting everyone. Now what I would like to ask is how can we get the booklets or the textbooks related to peace education? Because it’s really interesting to have such textbooks, and from the experience of one of the participants said that the textbooks helped a lot.โ€