HWPL Peace Education Held in Somalia, Africa

In March, 65 students attended the HWPL peace education held in Mujtamaa Primary and Secondary School in Somalia, Africa. Students who attended the education learned content from the HWPL peace textbook which includes instruction on how to practice the values of peace such as co-existence, gratitude, diversity, and respect, and how to share peace and love with others.

Ahmed Mohamed Jama, a teacher at Mujtamaa Primary and Secondary School who taught the lessons, shared, β€œI hope our students can be self-estimated and have a prosperous future with peace education. People need to understand diversity among one another. The house we live is built by other people, the crops we eat are also from others. It is to encourage students to share and take responsibility by playing their role in the community. I taught the lesson about ‘Gratefulness’ in hope that our students can obtain grateful hearts. ‘Gratefulness’ is really important for our school and our students.”

The Principal of Mujtamaa Primary and Secondary School, Yonis Ali Abdalla, delivered a grateful heart to HWPL by saying, β€œI didn’t have any chance to teach ‘Peace’ to our students before. However, through HWPL now we can learn and talk about peace to our students. The seed of peace from HWPL grows in teachers’ hearts and become fruits of peace.”

We hope for many students in Somalia to know the value of peace, and for the seed of peace planted in the students’ hearts to grow so that a beautiful world will come where Somalia and Africa will be a more peaceful place.