HWPL Peace Education Orientation for Teachers in West Bengal, India

More than fifty educators from West Bengal, India attended the HWPL Peace Education Orientation on 7 March. Current educators and professors learned and shared about the goal and the curriculum of peace education. The orientation was filled with the passion of the educators and peace.

The twelve lessons of the HWPL Peace Curriculum were introduced, and the educators showed immense support and interest in the HWPL Peace Education curriculum that was customized to India’s environment and culture.

In India, all schools currently carry out online classes due to Covid-19. However, due to many problems such as internet connection, more and more students are unable to attend. In this situation, the educators at the webinar all agreed that the HWPL Peace Education is a necessary subject for all students. The educators stated that teaching students how to coexist harmoniously is extremely important as there are many languages and ethnicities within India. It is also the role of an educator to teach virtues for harmonious coexistence such as consideration, sacrifice, and forgiveness.

The educators in attendance gained confidence that peace education could achieve peace as the HWPL Peace Education teaches students the value of peace and how to put it into action. And they affirmed that they would be role models of peace to their students as peace educators.

Teacher Nibedia Pramanik showed anticipation for the peace education while stating, “It was impressive that we can fulfill peace and plant the value of peace among the students through peace education.”

Another attendee, teacher Ankur Mahato mentioned the importance of peace education by saying, “Through this webinar, I could think peace is one of the important instruments which helps to make a good world as well as a sympathetic world.”

After the orientation, the educators discussed how to provide the online peace education, and made plans to sign an MOU with HWPL to implement the HWPL Peace Education at their schools.