HWPL’s 7th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of war Result Report

Institutional Peace: Strengthening Communication to Build Trust


This report is a compilation of the events and presentations for the 7th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) held in Republic of Korea and 40 other countries on March 14, 2023.

HWPL has shed light on the importance of peace achieved through solidarity by everyone and continued peace activities in which all in the world can actively participate. In the face of the horrible conflicts and wars taking place all over the world, the growing need to promote peace is ever more evident with multilateral approach in which governments, international organizations, and civil society take the lead in close

Based on HWPL’s mediation in the Moro conf lict in Mindanao, the Philippines and contribution to building a foundation of long-term peace, this event showed a peacebuilding experience on structural and institutional changes in conflict areas where international organizations and civil society act together with their willingness for peace. As the DPCW is the declaration for the purpose of preventing, mediating,
and resolving conflicts, the case of institutionalizing peace in Mindanao is the very testimony that the provisions of the declaration are practically being implemented in our lives.

In celebration of the 7th commemoration, Mohammad Nazrul Islam, who contributed to drafting the DPCW from the beginning as a member of the International Law Peace Committee of HWPL delivered a speech on the significance of the DPCW. Just as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights awakened people’s minds and brought about changes in the globe, HWPL’s peace education, human rights campaigns, interfaith
dialogues based on the principles of peace contained in the DPCW enable us to see how values of peace that this declaration pursues can contribute to sustainable peace and development.

Ven. Myeong An, who is continuing communication with other religions through the comparative study on scriptures established by HWPL based on Articles 8 and 9 of the DPCW, shared his experience on the way prejudice stemming from misunderstandings about religions can be overcome through communication. This platform for dialogue among religions, which is currently being operated by World Alliance of Religions Peace Offices in 130 countries around the world, will provide far more examples of understanding and tolerance.

The participants had time to write peace letters (handwritten letter to advocate peace) that demand an end to war. HWPL will continue to make peace a foundation of peace in many parts of the world, especially those areas of conflict. HWPL hope that all walk together for a peaceful world.


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