HWPL’s ‘We Are One’ Peace Project Spreads Throughout Mali



In March 2021, the ‘We Are One (WAO)’ project, initiated by HWPL together with various civic groups and experts in various fields, has been spreading nationwide and gaining support at the government level.

Mali is one of the conflict-ridden countries in Africa. Comprised of nine regions, Mali has various elements of conflict such as terrorism, rebellion, ethnic disputes, and slavery, resulting in numerous casualties in different regions. Particularly, the northern region with high terrorist activities and the central region with frequent ethnic conflicts have produced the highest number of casualties. However, despite the support from numerous international organizations, including the UN, and foreign military forces, the situation remains unresolved.

In this regard, HWPL has initiated the WAO project to propose more fundamental solutions for peace by uniting with the people of Mali. In March 2023, they signed MOU with the city of Gao, a major city of the northern region. In December 2023, they did the same with the city of Yorosso, a city in the central region, and in January 2024, with the city of Masina in the central region, to institutionalize the WAO project. Additionally, they have also agreed to sign MOU with key cities of Mopti and Segou in the central region.

The cities that signed the MOU with HWPL have formed committees by recruiting experts in various fields regularly gathering and discussing the issues and solutions of respective cities.



On January 12, 2024, in the city of Yorosso, experts and leaders from various fields gathered to discuss ways to effectively operate the WAO project. The meeting was attended by 30 representatives from various backgrounds, including the mayor of Yorosso, the deputy governor of Segou region, the police chief, the deputy head of the water resources office, the prison warden, ethnic leaders, religious leaders, mayoral advisors, and others.

The attendees decided to focus on the encountering conflict by solving the problem of ‘Ignorance of Ethnic Roots and Traditions’ and agreed to invite experts from various backgrounds to discuss solutions to this issue.

Mr. Abdoulaye Goita, the mayor of Yorosso who attended the meeting, emphasized, “HWPL’s WAO project is special in the aspect of how we approach to the minds of people”, further stating that “This is something that everyone in our city of Yorosso must collaborate on for peace.”

The first Dialogue in the city of Yorosso is scheduled to take place in the second week of February at the city hall, and the progress meetings will take place every two months.