Introducing the IPYG Affiliate Organization: Jabaj Educational & Welfare Foundation


▲ Conducting ‘YEPC’ to commemorate the UN International Volunteer Day


Jabaj Educational & Welfare Foundation is an NGO working for education and women’s rights in marginalized communities in India. For years, the Jabaj Educational & Welfare Foundation has provided youth education and skills development training, and has collaborated with IPYG to pursue sustainable development goals (SDGs) and promote peace.

IPYG operates ongoing projects with the goal of ending wars and bringing peace to the world. All youth must unite to end war and leave sustainable peace as a legacy for future generations. The Jabaj Educational & Welfare Foundation has joined IPYG to achieve the noble goal of peace and is working together with IPYG.

“Whatever you do may be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it,” said Mr. Ashutosh Arya, director of the Jabaj Educational & Welfare Foundation. “Men, money, and materials cannot by themselves bring world peace or peace of mind. We must have the motive – power that will inspire us to do brave deeds and heroic exploits.”


▲ Jabaj Educational & Welfare Foundation’s Internet education volunteering activities