Interview with HWPL’s PR Team

“The Starting Point is the Conveyance of the News of Hope to the World”

The HWPL PR Team has published the peace news of HWPL that is happening all over the world within a single, small book every month. This interview was held with a type of hopeful curiosity of being able to find the value of Article 10 of the DPCW, “Spreading a Culture of Peace”, within the work of the team. Let’s meet those who are exemplifying a daily life of peace by doing this work of clearly sharing the news of peace with a level of authenticity that is truly touching.


Q. Please explain the background and purpose of the production of the HWPL Newsletter.

Hannah Jeon, Newsletter Editor :“In just four short years since its establishment in 2013, HWPL and its many peace projects have received great interest and appreciation worldwide. The HWPL Newsletter was created with the purpose of announcing the news of HWPL, which is now running for peace and justice in the global community with tens of thousands of peace messengers. However, this news is not limited to only the stories of HWPL but instead seeks to find stories of peace messengers who share the same heart for peace. We are working to create a platform where all individuals are able to tell their own personal stories and explain for themselves their experiences with the processes and results of HWPL’s peace activities in their communities across the globe.”

Q. What have you done specifically in order to increase the frequency of reading for more Newsletters?

Ian Seo, HWPL PR Director : “I have found that we can be one under the umbrella of peace despite coming from different countries and having different religions, nationalities, genders and ages. All people, especially children, who are suffering from the unrelenting violence and war that is occurring in many places around the world share the same sadness. I feel a deep sadness because of the pain that is being experienced around the world, and I believe that HWPL, always with a loving heart, is the peace messenger that promotes true globalization. I believe that the world of peace that humanity has never experienced throughout all of history will be possible for the first time through HWPL. For this, the starting point is the conveyance of the news of hope to the world, which becomes the engine for the transmission of the values of the international law, inter-faith harmony and peace education that all aim for the world of peace.”

Q. What is something that you find worthwhile in the production of your Newsletter?

Hannah : “Every month more people subscribe to and receive the newsletters from HWPL through our homepage. We often receive many messages regarding the stories viewers want covered in the HWPL Newsletter or are introduced to countries, communities, and individuals who have a sincere need for HWPL’s peace projects. Still, there are many who are frequently experiencing discrimination, alienation and injustice, so our sincere hope is that the HWPL Newsletter will help them to express their voices. I believe that working as part of the HWPL Newsletter editorial team is the most rewarding because the newsletter can be used as a tool to open a path to the restoration of peaceful coexistence for these individuals. We are pledging our time and effort to be more committed to not only the activities of HWPL but also the issues that many individuals can give even greater love and interest to.”

Q. What is the most memorable peace content?

Ian : “There was one time when a Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo sent a letter to HWPL explaining how in his country everyday there are women being raped in the streets and young boys being instructed how to kill. It was the first time the people, transcending national borders, had a moment of shedding tears with a heart filled with deep sadness. It was then that I felt that HWPL’s vision for world peace expressed in the values of the DPCW is even more real for those people. The news of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was also introduced to many media outlets in cooperation with HWPL, which helped journalists to join in this work of peace.”

Q. Please give a message to the messengers of peace worldwide who are reading the Newsletter.

HWPL will work to illuminate the footsteps of sacrifice that have been made on this journey of peace and create a newsletter that will hopefully empower each person to become a messenger of peace that makes this world a better place to live in. You are the main character of HWPL’s Newsletter. As a loving family of peace living in this world together, let’s create a community that can share one another’s sorrow and joy. We must create the river of peace that all creation is dreaming of and leave it as an eternal legacy that can be inherited by future generations. Anything you would like covered regarding the news of peace is welcome, so please send us your comments.