Kenya National Commission for UNESCO and HWPL Seek Partnership for Peace Education


โ€œ1st Peace Educator Workshop for the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM) in 2019โ€ took place in Kenya Education Management Institute on 11, December. Hosted by KNATCOM HWPL, this workshop was organized by an international NGO named HWPL affiliated with the UN ECOSOC. 34 people including principal education officer of the Ministry of Education, deputy director of programme of KNATCOM and educators from UNESCO associated schools participated in the event.

The workshop was devoted to enabling educators from UNESCO associated schools to experience and practice peace value education in the fields through presentation sessions on peace education materials and pilot class.

HWPL says that peace education serves as a global platform with the aim of โ€œleaving peace as a legacy to the future generationsโ€ by raising awareness of building peace from citizens and fostering a culture of peace to challenge the threat from war and violence.

Ms. Dorah Kitala, principal education officer of Ministry of Education said, โ€œPeace education textbooks and the curricula are innovative. After the demonstration, I could feel that peace education is necessary for Kenya and would work with HWPL in the future.โ€

With the need for teaching values of peace to Kenyan students, 20 educators from UNESCO associated schools signed an agreement, which says they teach the right character for those who would carry the future of the country and to disperse peace education in Kenya.

HWPL has endorsed peace education over 220 educational institutions globally and established a partnership with government agencies (ministry of education) to introduce peace education for students, including the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Guatemala. HWPL, KNATCOM and the Ministry of Education of Kenya are considering formalizing peace education activities throughout the country.