Peace Camp with F.R.E.E Refugees

On 19 June, a peace camp was hosted in the Friends of Refugees Providing Education and Empowerment (F.R.E.E) center in Clarkston, Georgia. This refugee center is an organization that aids young refugees aged five to fifteen by providing education and resources. This work is currently focused on the youths of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Chad.

Chad is a country that has suffered from colonization and civil war for many years. In particular, due to the migration of refugees from neighboring countries, there are various races, religions, and languages residing in this country. However, the power struggles and conflicts caused by diversity led to civil war, which threatens many lives, and the people suffered the pain of having to leave their homeland to another country. Additionally, Myanmar continues to suffer from the Myanmar civil war, and there are many people who migrated to other countries to avoid the pain caused by the war.

The refugee youths of these two countries who have suffered from the pain of war are desperate for a future of peace. Because they are still experiencing war to this day, it is important to let them know that peace can be achieved. That is why HWPL and F.R.E.E hosted a peace camp. Through this camp, children who witnessed civil war are educated with programs on how to overcome war and conflicts, on who should create a world of peace, and on how and through what it can be achieved.

During the camp, the children were able to learn the main point of the first lesson of the HWPL Peace Education: โ€œdiversityโ€ and โ€œharmony.โ€ They learned the importance of harmony through creating a painting with different colors. Furthermore, they learned how to cooperate and harmonize with children of different physical conditions by playing soccer together.

Through these activities, the students learned the possibility of peace by interacting with friends from different countries. Although these were activities done in camp, if these peace awareness activities and education continue, students will be able to grow into those who can fulfill peace. HWPL will help students become peace citizens who practice peace in their everyday lives and no longer live in the pain of war.