Peace Education and Peaceful Dispute Resolution to Create a Peaceful World

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

My name is Firoza Muradi, representative of the HWPL program from Afghanistan. It is truly an honor to be among these all excellency from all around the world. Seeing this fantastic talented and professional personality gives me hope for Peace in my and other countries again. Peace is an essential component of everyone’s life.

I am presenting Peace from a country that has been fought since 1978—starting from Soviet-Afghan war to the Cold War. Everyday people in my country waking up with the explosion sound in the morning. Everyone does not feel secure in their home neither outside. If anyone hears about Afghanistan, they probably just think about war, because this is what the reality of my country, based on media, but what is positive point about my country is the young generation who raise with all this struggle situation. They have enough confidence to raise their voice and survive with all the conflict to bring Peace. And I believe one day will come, that the Afghan young generation will change the destiny of Afghanistan with peaceful resolution in the future.

Another clear example of Mindanao’s case is a peace-building model in the conflict area in the Philippines. For 18 years from 1996, Islamic and government forces tried to negotiate but failed to settle, leading to 50 years of war with the consequence of 120,000 people died, and more than 2 million people forced to move and lose their homes.

The Mindanao Peace Agreement in 2014 mediated by HWPL between Catholic and Muslim communities greatly contributed to the peace-building efforts in Mindanao and paved way for more HWPL peace movements in the region. This eventually became a great model for countries like ours who experience wars and conflicts. HWPL results in Mindanao gave us strength and hope. I hope that the miracle of peace in Mindanao will happen in Afghanistan.

I think that the beginning is from peace education. Peace can define with different concepts for everyone because we define Peace the way we feel it and found it by heart. But the important part is to have that concept in a conflict situation. There should be someone as an educator who can transfer the message of Peace to everyone. And it is more important to share the right concept of Peace and peaceful resolution.

I have been conducting HWPL peace education with students from Mukhtar School since last year. I feel delighted that I have the role of the educator for HWPL peace program in Afghanistan. I am glad to have this opportunity to guide my students and improve their personal and academic knowledge via peace education. Through HWPL peace education, students are seeking answers to achieve peace in various ways, including harmony with nature, the value of cooperation, and how to protect their rights.

I can see my student’s passion that they all have hope to take active part in decision making for the future of Afghanistan. I believe that all of my students who are receiving peace education will grow up to be messenger of peace. Looking at my students, I dream of a peaceful future in Afghanistan.

Finally, my best hope and wish is to inform my students that we are one regardless of any differences in religion or ethics. Mukhtar School is one of the private school who wants to continue this education cycle with students from different schools in Balkh, Afghanistan. First of all, Mukhtar School will be an example of peace education and a seed that can spread the culture of peace to many schools.

Today, I become motivated for not being alone, because here I can see many other individuals give their efforts to transfer this message to everyone across the globe. I highly appreciate the HWPL team and other educators for their support in this peace process worldwide.

Thank you, dear, excellency

Firoza Muradi
Teacher of Mukhtar Private School in Afghanistan