Peace Letter from an Australian-Samoan youth

“I have a duty to help bring hope and peace to our world.”


When people ask the question ‘What is Samoa like?’, the first word that comes to my mind is “peaceful”. However, peace was not always part of the history of Samoa. Samoa has faced many wars and conflicts throughout its history. These wars and conflicts, like many others, resulted in the loss of life, excruciating pain, social instability and the loss of security. Since that time, however, Samoa has continually progressed and today no longer faces those types of tragedies. However, it cannot be guaranteed that conflicts will not arise once again in the future.

For many other nations and communities in this world, conflicts and war remain a reality for them today. Many are continuing to face these issues on a daily basis and many are the victims of the brutality that these conflicts inherently possess.

As an Australian-Samoan youth and as a member of all the youth of this world, I have a duty to stand up and protect the youth of our nation, the youth of Australia and the youth of the world. This is a duty that prevents me from standing by idly and not taking action. I have a duty to help bring hope and peace to our world.

Through HWPL’s DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) I am able to fulfill that duty and carry the hope that peace can certainly become a true reality locally, nationally and globally. Currently, HWPL and IPYG are working together closely to spread the culture of peace all around the world. The 30th World Peace Tour has also helped to bring forth peace and harmony between various cultures, religions, and ethnicities, with the hope of establishing a constructive relationship among the Oceanic nations.

Therefore, at this time I urge you to please think about the future that you personally want to leave for the generations to come.

Honorable Prime Minister, we humbly ask that you take on this role as part of the forefront of the movement in the Oceanic and Pacific region by providing your support for World Peace and the solution to peace that the DPCW contains. We ask for your support for the DPCW to become a legally binding document in the United Nations in order that it may bring about the peace that our world desperately longs for.

Please become a leader that helps pave the way for peace for all future generations.

Sincerely Yours,