The 1st HWPL Intercontinental Online WARP OFFICE MEETING



HWPL WARP Office Dialogue of Scriptures meeting commences its fourth year. Based on a lot of discussions over the past four years, participating religious leaders have agreed on the standards of a trustworthy scripture. Now, based on these standards, the future WARP Offices will advance into an in-depth comparison of scriptures meeting. Therefore, HWPL will periodically open an intercontinental Online WARP Office meeting with participants from various WARP Offices around the world.

This Intercontinental WARP Office meeting will be held quarterly under the series named, ‘What Religious Texts Tell You.’ For the first quarter, the meeting will take place on 24 March, 2018 in two sessions (Session 1: 10:30AM – 12:30PM UTC / Session 2: 4:00PM – 6:00PM UTC).



  1. To further develop the current dialogue of scriptures meetings, which are being actively held in each country, through the engagement of religious leaders from different countries and backgrounds. Also, through the real-time audience questions, a more in-depth discussion on the topic is anticipated.
  2. To spread the culture of interfaith communication, and through online streaming the meeting, to provide the opportunity for audiences to learn about and understand other religions in their civil society.



  • HWPL: An international NGO and peace organization affiliated with the UN ECOSOC, which engages leaders from various fields in each country for peace activities such as international law enactment, WARP Offices, peace education, youth and women’s empowerment, etc.
  • WARP Office: A platform for the comparison of scriptures, with the aim to bring a peaceful environment in the global community by solving the difference in thoughts and ideologies that cause religious conflicts.



  1. Panel: One month before the meeting, the details will be posted on the Facebook Group, ‘You Asked, WARP Office Answers’ (WARP Office Facebook page), and announced through the WARP Offices in each country. Religious leaders who wish to attend as a panelist, representing their religion, will have to submit an Application Form to
  2. Audience: Watch the online WARP Office meeting live through HWPLโ€™s official Youtube channel. And participate by asking questions in real-time on the Youtube chatroom. The link will also be posted on HWPLโ€™s official Twitter.