The Conference for the Rule of Law was Held

On January 11, the Conference for the Guarantee and Realization of Law was held by HWPL to commemorate Constitution Day in Mongolia. The conference aimed to discuss topics related to the rule of law and human rights in Mongolia.

The conference took place at Soyombo Hall in Tuushin Hotel, Mongolia, and it was attended by approximately 400 participants from diverse sectors โ€“ government officials including former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Mongolia, educators, press, Buddhists, lawyers, and NGOs.

In the conference, the status of citizensโ€™ awareness of and compliance with the rule of law and the domestic law in Mongolia was presented. Emphasis was placed on fostering the culture of rule of law across all aspects of society including public and private sectors. Furthermore, the need to reinforce policies related to womenโ€™s human rights, constitutional freedoms, and citizen education on law was explained. The role of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) was also introduced as a supplement to international law, aimed at promoting peace and resolving conflicts.

In his congratulatory message, Oyunbaatar Tserendash, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia, stated, โ€œWe need to learn from the independence of the law-making and execution of our Korean friends who are concerned about the protection of human rights. Let’s work together and fight for human rights and justice.โ€

In addition, Jachin Choijilsuren, the director of Gurvan Erdene College addressed, โ€œI understand that Mongolians are a valuable people with a centuries-old history of respecting the rule of law. Mongolians are a people with traditional heritage and culture. If modern peace education can be implanted in the hearts of every person in the world, peace will be achieved in the world. If we can make this peace education a habit now, I think that peace will rise in this world.โ€

Another speaker, Oyuntsetseg Khurts, the Board member of Mongolian Women Lawyersโ€™ Association remarked, โ€œThe Constitution of Mongolia states that human rights and freedoms are guaranteed by the state organization with its own powers and responsibilities. We believe that the government and law enforcement agencies should work to make the rule of law and law enforcement a norm of daily life at all levels. The government should pass a law and civil society organizations should monitor its implementation. Being a citizen means the implementation of the principle of respecting the law in the society.โ€

Additionally, notable speakers delivered speeches on various themes in the conference. Bulgamaa Rinzaan, the Board member of Mongolian Association of Lawyer-Instructors spoke on the topic of โ€œEqual Rights and Rule of Law.โ€ Ariunaa Badamsed, representative member of Provincial Citizenโ€™s Assembly, addressed the message on โ€œDevelopment of Womenโ€™s Human Rights and Realization of Citizenship in Community.โ€ Khaliunaa Soronzonbold, the member of Civil Rights and Administration Committee, emphasized โ€œThe Need of Education on Law.โ€ Zunduidavaa Mijee, the freelance speaker on human rights and freedom, shared insights on โ€œThe Constitutional Freedom, Duty, and Rights.โ€ Participants were in full agreement with the messages delivered by the speakers.

Introducing peace initiatives undertaken by the branch and elaborating the DPCW, Gantulga Ariundelger, Chief Branch Manager of HWPLโ€™s Mongolia Branch, emphasized on the need of complying with not only domestic law but also international law as equal importance. Lastly, with the hope of culture of peace spreading throughout Mongolia, youth members of the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) sang in unison with choreography, delivering the message that the global family is one under peace.