The World Has Got its Eyes on the WARP Summit 2016 Not-to-be missed Event for International Press



The media plays a wide range of roles in our lives because it shapes what we see and hear every day. By covering diverse news and issues on what is happening in the world in recent times, the media creates and amplifies the need of a sustainable global peace and security and has the potential to play a significant role in peace-building processes.

Particularly, the mediaโ€™s impact upon the policymaking process and promoting peace shapes how to prevent conflict and enlightens world leaders and citizens to act for peace.

The 2nd Annual Commemoration of September 18th World Alliance of Religionsโ€™ Peace (WARP) Summit is a โ€œmust coverโ€ event for international press to provide people with diverse aspects of the Summit and build a foundation for open communication between governments, IGOs, and civil societies on advocating for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).(Find more about DPCW,

With the theme of the advocacy of the legislation of peace, WARP Summit 2016 will address strategies and action plans to develop an enforceable law compatible with the DPCW and initiate a global change process aiming to move from conflict to peace.

Journalists and reporters of local and international press will catch the professional, inspiring, and dynamic scenes of the three-day event. On September 17th, marking the start of the Summit, heads of state and representatives of various fields will participate in intensive and interactive sessions and forums simultaneously.

Global speakers will deliver keynote speeches to encourage alliances, connections and support peace networks among the summit participants and a global community.

The 4th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting will have high-level talks on how the role of government can be addressed to the extent that citizens can be benefitted from the legislation of peace based on the DPCW. It will also draw comprehensive understanding and approaches to the Declaration pertaining to peace movement โ€“ democracy, human rights, education, culture, and religion.

The International Religious Leadersโ€™ Conference will establish consent on the direction of interfaith peace dialogues based on religious scriptures and discuss the role of religion as bridge-builder of world peace. With the support from religious leaders all around the world HWPL has successfully established 181 offices in 90 countries and is continuously expanding its boundaries.

Also, there will be a forum for the media and press conference which will devise the conduct of media to effectively transmit the message of peace and legitimacy of law-making with the provision of the blueprint of legislation based on the DPCW.

HWPL is actively working towards the goal of holding the media accountable for accurate reporting standards. This yearโ€™s Media Forum will specifically discuss the plan of actions for the press through publicizing various media productions and utilizing resources to strengthen the advocacy movement of the DPCW in their respective countries.

The gigantic outdoor Peace and Sports Festival held on the second day of the Summit is based on the idea of arts and sports-based approach to peace and transformation of violence. The festival provides a cohesive platform to gather all people yearning for peace through the culture of heaven, transcending nationality, religion, and ideology and building bridges between individuals and communities.

This innovative approach to peace involves visual arts, sporting events, music performance, and card stunt for the positive transformation of international and societal conflict, creating opportunities for building bridges across differences and advancing a world free from conflict.

By engaging with and stimulating such entertaining tools, the use of arts and sports at the Peace and Sport Festival at the Summit is an integral part of peacebuilding to ignite the flame of peace in the hearts of many.

The last day of the Summit will summarize the entire events and share practical action plans based on common ground of understanding and practicality of the DPCW. Over 1,000 participants will gather at the same venue to determine their resolution in supporting the DPCW and once again reaffirm their solidarity in bringing forth peace.

For the cause of leaving peace as a legacy for future generations, HWPL aims to take another great leap forward for peace this year through endorsement of global legislation of peace with cooperation from all sectors of society and alliance of religions through interfaith peace dialogues.

As active peace advocates, media takes a great part in urging the DPCW by delivering the news of its development process so that everyone can take it for granted and it can be effectively implemented worldwide to greet the new era of peace.

The 2nd Annual Commemoration of September 18th WARP Summit will serve as a pathway towards peace, providing an opportunity for the world to witness the momentous act in the history of peace.