UNESCO-affiliated Romanian School Holds the First HWPL Peace Education Completion Ceremony

On May 22nd, UNESCO-affiliated School No.195 Hamburg, which had signed an MOU with the peace organization HWPL, held the ‘1st HWPL Peace Education Completion Ceremony.’

While the peace education was conducted in Bucharest, Ploiești, and Târgu Mureș in Romania, School No.195 has finished the Peace Education Curriculum for the past year, yielding 171 new graduates for the first time.

The completion ceremony took place online, presenting the following, in sequence: Progress Report on Peace Education, Congratulatory Video, Teacher’s Speech, Presentation of Completion Certificate, Graduate’s Speech, and Commemorative Photo-taking.

“Schools around the world teach the history of war and conflict, but it is not easy to find education that teaches peace in-depth,” said an official of HWPL. Explaining the motivation of the HWPL Peace Education, he stated that “HWPL has the focus on people who may cause conflict and war, and we began this peace education with an idea that peace can be achieved if each individual had peaceful values and character.”

“Congratulations, both to you and to the teachers involved in the project, for the fact that you understood this desideratum and you got involved in the course of the programme.” “You are our future, you are the ones who will convey to the parents, colleagues, friends the message of this course that you have just completed.” said Ms. Stefania Voicu, the principal of School No.195 Hamburg, in her congratulatory remark.

“The Peace Project teaches us to live in a world where international barriers no longer exist and where universal peace must be recognized even in the most remote corners of our planet.” “In a world where wars, famines and violence persist, our mission is to fight for peace, to teach our children to be messengers of peace.” said Ms. Mirela Vilcu, the peace educator, explaining the role of an HWPL Peace Educator.

Another peace educator, Ms. Rusan Oana Raluca, delivered her impression on the peace education, “I noticed the evolution of my students during the 12 lessons.” “We have noticed changes for the better in their involvement in actions related to world peace and the change of perspective on certain historical events (World War II, for example) after watching movies, discussions.”

”I think that the most important thing in this course is that it makes you really think about what universal values mean and discover in yourself what matters, but at the same time, to relate to the needs of those in around you.” ”The perspective changes from ME to US, and WE will always be stronger and matter more.” said one graduate who attended the online completion ceremony, sharing his experience upon completion of the programme.