Warm Gesture of Sharing in Havana, Namibia: Christmas Event for Children Unveiled


β–² Volunteers and children joyfully engaging in hand painting


On December 16th of the past year, the collaboration between the Rob Youth Foundation and IPYG Namibia branch brought forth a festive Christmas event for children in Havana, Namibia, as part of the year-end celebrations.

Havana, located in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is recognized as one of the poorest areas. Residents endure dilapidated facilities and living conditions, where even basic necessities like electricity and water are scarce, negatively impacting the health and safety of the community.

This event, specifically organized for the most vulnerable group: children, featured congratulatory messages from leaders, simple games, drawing sessions, hand painting, and food-sharing. The children enjoyed a time of creating warm and peaceful memories while indulging in healthy and delicious food.

Approximately 450 attendees, including children, local residents, and volunteers, participated in this event, drawing significant attention with the involvement of four local media outlets.

Robert Maseka, the founder of the Rob Youth Foundation, expressed gratitude to IPYG and the volunteers who contributed to the event, expressing anticipation for future collaborations with IPYG to organize more impactful events.



IPYG Namibia and the Rob Charity Foundation previously collaborated in September of last year on a community clean-up initiative in the vicinity of Katutura Public Hospital. Both organizations plan to continue exploring the local community for promoting unity and a culture of peace in the Namibian community. They aim to expand the youth network, engaging in various volunteer activities to contribute to the development and peace of the local community.