A Running Festival took place in Auckland, New Zealand



On October 15th, The Great South Road Running Festival, a peace marathon, was held in Auckland, New Zealand. The event was organized by the Be a Wolf Foundation and the New Zealand branch of International Peace Youth Group (IPYG). It was established to unite the local community and contribute to society through fundraising.

The marathon began from Aucklandโ€™s Allenby Park and consisted of a total of four courses: a 5km, 10km, 22km, and 70km run throughout Auckland, with participants from diverse backgrounds.

This was the second event of the Youth Engagement & Peacebuilding Working Group (YEPW) prepared jointly by the Auckland-based charity Be a Wolf Foundation and the IPYG New Zealand branch. In the first YEPW event in April this year, IPYG New Zealand volunteers held a “Dream Letter” to support children’s dreams and hopes through a Hoodie Drop.



What was noteworthy about this event were the volunteers who willingly devoted themselves to developing a culture of peace in the local community. Many residents who attended contributed to the process, from preparing and running the event to finishing it.

Nayzel Sushil (Founder, Be a Wolf Foundation) said โ€œHonestly, IPYG did so good and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything without volunteers. They are the MVP (most valuable people). It goes to show that the little support can mean so much for the runners which I found to be the most efficient.”

Dicken Yiu (General Director, IPYG, New Zealand Branch) said โ€œIt was a successful event where participants all enjoyed the run and were able to give back to the community. IPYG volunteers were honored to be of support and for next year we would love to see a bigger event where more families and youth can join in to support for the cause of community unity and helping individuals and families in need.โ€

IPYG New Zealand branch and Be a Wolf Foundation will continue to discuss ways to promote harmony and peace culture in New Zealand. They aim to engage more youth organizations in YEPW in New Zealand to actualize peace. The YEPW plans in New Zealand aim to provide young people the opportunities to make positive change in their communities, expand their networks, create a peace culture in regions led by youth, and carry out various volunteer services.