United Generations Campaign: Intergenerational solidarity, a chance to grow together!


On October 7, 2023, the HWPL volunteering team conducted a campaign to raise awareness on the isolation faced by elderly people and to promote the importance of an intergenerational link. This campaign was held at Place de la Bastille in Paris, France. This event entitled โ€œUnited Generations Campaign : Intergenerational solidarity, a chance to grow together !โ€ was held during the Blue Week (national week for pensioners and the elderly) to commemorate UN International Day for Older Persons.


โ–ฒListening to an explanation about the purpose of the campaign.


HWPL France Branch has been developing the United Generations initiative by conducting activities to foster dialogue, experience sharing, and participate in activities between different generations for a better understanding of and care between people from different ages and backgrounds. In 2023, HWPL youth volunteers have conducted more than 7 activities with young volunteers in 4 different retirement houses.

Through the campaign, about 80 citizens could experience various booth activities. They participated in the photo exhibition about HWPL activities in retirement houses and wrote 56 letters to isolated elderly people. Participants complimented these HWPL volunteering activities and 30 people decided to join the organization by becoming members of HWPL.


โ–ฒ From left to right: Writing a letter, Putting the letter into the box


One of the participants said, “This initiative reminds me when I got involved in volunteering when I was a student. I think the message of the campaign is important because we’re so caught up in the routine of our daily lives and we often forget to be human. Also, we forget that there are elderly people who are isolated and would like to receive even a little attention. Moreover, I think it’s smart to raise awareness of peace, by tackling an issue that doesn’t seem related to peace at first glance, but it draws attention to a vulnerable group and then raises awareness of the greater cause which is peace.โ€

The letters collected through this campaign will be distributed to elderly people with no close relatives or who canโ€™t often spend time with their family. To combat the isolation and develop this intergenerational link, the elderly people will also have the opportunity to reply to the letters.