Comment & Praises from the Summit Participants


The 3rd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit resulted in great success that far surpassed expectations. All leaders, participants, and staffs become one as the sincere determination to work for the achievement of world peace was sparked in the hearts of everyone present. This message is now being spread to all corners of the world, carried along in the hearts of all the peace messengers that came together and experienced the true culture of peace demonstrated at the summit.

Even during the event, many were eager to share their experiences and express their eagerness to continue cooperating with the peace work of HWPL until the ultimate goal of peace is finally achieved. These are the voices of peace that have the ability to inspire others, create a change in the world and establish a sustainable peace that can be passed on to future generations.


Ms. Maria Theresa R. Timbol
President of Kapalong Council of Women

“During the parade of peace, I could see the happy eyes of everyone longing for peace in the world. I can see the happy faces of everyone and of course the longing for peace and of course the preparation is so great.

And I am so amazed at everyone participating in the parade and of course the whole activity this afternoon. The most important statement that I heard was that North and South should be unified. Because I am sure itโ€™s the dream of all Koreans that finally someday the end of this peace movement will unite the South and the North and once again will make Korea one country full of love, full of peace and full of joy.โ€


H.E. Iakoba Taeia Italeli
Governor General of Tuvalu

โ€œIt (Development of the DPCW) is through advocacy and education. The implementation is through the political systems in our respective countries. The DPCW itself emphasizes education and advocacy. It is the only option that we can work on for world peace. As weโ€™ve heard yesterday about President Mandelaโ€™s quotation on education, education is the most effective weapon which we can use to change the world.โ€



Hon. Cristina Eugenia Reyes Hidalgo
Assembly woman of the National Assembly of Ecuador

โ€œI feel very proud that there are these kinds of people in the middle of a turbulent world, in the middle of a world where sometimes there are people who donโ€™t feel hope.

I see it in people like Mr. Lee and like Ms. Kim, that passion, that love for life, that aspiration for distances, languages, religions, including the differences, for the unification into one same heart, all within only one message for peace. I am sure that there are causes that take time. But at the end, when the people set their souls, their hearts, those causes really turn into realities. The seed of peace is possible with this flag, with this desire, with this longing to change the world. And through these organizations of which I feel very proud to represent, I promise compromise every day in my politics, labor, as a woman, as a youth, [and] as an activist. Letโ€™s continue leading and letโ€™s continue promoting this cause for peace.โ€


Hon. Jean Max Rakotomamonjy
President of the National Assembly in Madagascar

โ€œIt is agreed that the world actually needs peace. For normal citizens, it is not always known how to reach this goal. As I participate in this Summit, I know HWPL and also the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW). We have to make a large diffusion of the DPCW to be known by all the people over the world. Itโ€™s very important.

We are on the good waves because there are more than 170 countries that have been represented here. We have to diffuse the message of peace. Every citizen and every organization of the world has his own responsibility to work to diffuse this message. I am sure that if we can act in every organization, it will accelerate our processes and goals for the implementation of the UN for this law…put it into the law and be applied over the world.โ€