Discuss Peace Work in Medellin, Colombia


On August 7th-9th, 2023, the HWPL delegation from the Los Angeles branch attended the “She Is” Conference in Medellin, Colombia, and met with government personnel and peace advocacy, to successfully obtain DPCW signed support letters.

Among the personnel in attendance were Yazmín Colón de Cortizo, First Lady of Panama, Claudia Cabrera Tarazona, Former Mayor of Columbia Policarpa, Dr. Ruth Mitchell of ICAN, winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, Diana Osorio, Head of Social Management Department of Medellin, Colombia and Dr. Johana Bermudez, Honduras Congresswoman.


▲ From left to right: Christian Henao Head of the Secretariat of Non-Violence of the City of Medellin, Colombia; Dr. Ruth Mitchell of ICAN who’s the Winner of 2017 Nobel Peace Prize; and Dr. Johana Bermudez, Honduras Congresswoman, signed their support for the DPCW.


The HWPL delegates discussed with the personnel the importance of partnering with HWPL to establish solutions for peace in Colombia, especially considering the long-standing conflicts between the government and guerilla groups and the need to instill the values of peace in the future generation.

Since 1964, Colombia’s government and guerilla groups have fought for influence, which has resulted in 220,000 deaths, and more than 5 million civilians forced out of their home due to this conflict.

The personnel expressed their support for HWPL through a discussion to implement peace education, encouraging networking with other political officials, and promising to write letters of support for the DPCW.