HWPL Peace Singing Contest


On July 29th, Childhood Joy Academy in Zambia held a singing contest. The academy has continuously implemented peace education since it signed an MOU for peace education with HWPL in August 2022. Particularly this year, the school established a peace monument within its area, spearheading a culture of peace to enable students to remind themselves of peace in their daily lives.



The singing contest was part of the peace education. Zambians have a traditional culture of expressing their emotions through songs and dance. Based on such characteristic advantages, the competition served as a venue for artistically demonstrating peace.

Students lyricized what they have learned and thought about peace after the peace education. They delivered a more optimistic and hopeful message of peace, expressing the values of peace contained in the lyrics through beautiful melodies.



Kelvin Chisanga, Managing Director of I-NetCom Business Solutions, who participated in the event as a judge, said, โ€œMusic has a positive impact on the mental well-being of children. I visited schools in Lusaka to participate in a singing contest to celebrate and support the children. Music has the power to express what words often cannot, and it’s essential to help children find a healthy balance in their minds through music. Since this event is related to the peace education, I believe music is an excellent tool to promote mental health, as it often brings peace to various aspects of life.โ€ He also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as a member of HWPL working for peace in Zambia.