HWPL Peace Educator Ceremony


From August 22nd to October 13th, the HWPL Peace Educator Training took place at the Asphodel Public School in Kathmandu, Nepal. A total of 14 current teachers participated, and on the final day, October 13th, the Peace Educator Ceremony was held.

The connection between Asphodel Public School and HWPL Peace Education began in 2021. Biva Kalika Malla Shrestha, the Vice Principal of Asphodel School and its founder, was introduced to HWPL Peace Education and was fascinated by the content. After learning Peace Educator training multiple times, she initiated the HWPL Peace Educator Training for the teachers at Asphodel Public School at her earnest request.



14 teachers learned Peace Educator training in eight sessions, covering all 12 subjects of peace education. Despite the school’s busy schedule, the dedicated teachers managed to find time to participate sincerely, and the school’s principal and vice principal facilitated the opportunity within the school’s demanding schedule. The passion of the teachers for peace education was even featured in a local newspaper in the Pokhara region of Nepal.

Initially, the teachers were uncertain about what they could do for peace when they first started Peace Educator training. However, upon completing the education, they found definite answers within the peace curriculum and realized the value and importance of being Peace Educators. They expressed joy and pride in becoming Peace Educators.



Biva Kalika Malla Shrestha, the Vice Principal of Asphodel Public School, expressed gratitude for being able to conduct HWPL’s peace education as the school’s vice principal. She stated, ‘Peace begins with oneself, and by accepting the principles and perspective of peace, embracing families in peace, managing schools in peace, leading society in peace, and ultimately governing the world in peace, I believe that world peace will come. HWPL’s peace education is crucial for global peace, and through this, students will also become citizens of peace.