Lecture for Peaceful Unification on the Korean Peninsula


Last September, HWPL hosted the โ€œ2018 HWPL World Peace Summit: 4th Anniversary of the WARP Summitโ€ with the topic of โ€œCollaboration for Peace Development: Building a Peace Community through the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).โ€ The peace messages from world leaders and scholars, who are working together with HWPL and following the DPCWโ€™s core principles in order for sustainable peace to take root, clearly conveyed HWPLโ€™s vision for all people to join hands and become messengers of peace, and to pass on a world of peace as the inheritance for our future generation. Their message ignited the heart of every global citizen to come together and work for peace.

At this anniversary event, HWPL signed MOU with renowned organizations such as the International Centre for Black Sea-Baltic Studies and Consensus Practices, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization (ISACCL), and other organizations to which Eastern European heads of state belong. Through these signings, HWPL was able to grow its influence as a peace organization and gain greater global support.

In particular, Mr. Emil Constantinescu, the current president of ISACCL and also the third president of Romania, described his vision for Korea united in peace by sharing his own personal testimony of living through the political shift in Eastern Europe, and Romaniaโ€™s anti-communism revolution. Through his lecture, Mr. Constantinescu spoke about how North and South Korea could come together and bring about the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Regarding the issue of unification, Mr. Constantinescu also explained in detail the tens of millions of lives that had to be sacrificed in order to secure the mindset of liberal democracy, which took over half a century to adopt, in the then-communist countries in Eastern Europe, along with the time of change Romania went through in the past thirty years in order to switch from communism to democracy. Korea’s past history and various current conditions we are faced with as a divided nation, separated by a military demarcation line that exists only due to pressure from the United States and the old Soviet Union, show us that mere adjustments to conflicts do not strengthen or guarantee peace, which Mr. Constantinescu also spoke of.

The eyes and ears of all the people across the world are focused on the Korean Peninsula. At this time, when the entire world is eagerly awaiting our reunification, more than any other time in the past, we must go beyond this division and bear the fruit of true harmony and peace; we must not continue to fight one another. We must learn our lesson from history, and from the hearts and wisdom the peace messengers have shared with us. The speeches given by the leaders who attended the 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit: 4th Anniversary of the WARP Summit are truly something that everyone in the world should hear.

We must go beyond our wish for a peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula and move forward to actually achieving our common goal of sustainable peace and coexistence. Just as President Constantinescu mentioned at the end of his lecture, we are faced with a time where we need the help of an instrument in order to become united together as one, and achieve a truly complete reunification wherein our peace and freedom is guaranteed.

For any citizen with the heart and the mindset to achieve peace, they should listen to the messages of peace given by the world leaders and scholars who are working together with HWPL, and run together for peace on the Korean Peninsula and for the world by uniting as one.

Watch again the Lecture for Peaceful Unification on the Korean Peninsula: