“Paint the Peace”, Religious Youth Peace Camp and MOU Signing Ceremony co-hosted by HWPL Daegu-Gyeongbuk Branch and Jeevak Yoga Treatment and Vocational Training Institute

On 28th and 29th June, HWPL Daegu-Gyeongbuk Branch signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Jeevak Yoga Treatment and Vocational Training Institute aimed at working together and promoting peace activities and future peace cooperation projects in India. To celebrate the landmark event, a two-day programme was organized at the premises of the Institute with participation from over 300 people including students, staff, and distinguished guests among the audience.

On the first day of the event, more than a hundred students participated in various peace activities such as “Paint the Peace”, the drawing competition, as well as skits based on peace, harmony, and togetherness among religions. The environment was very lively and the event witnessed participation from students, staff, their families and the local communities. The event was held at an open hall managed by Jeevak Yoga Treatment and Vocational Training Institute. Over 80 children from different age groups from the Institute and the local community participated in the โ€œPaint the Peaceโ€ programme, and the winners of the first, second and third prizes were also declared during the event.

In addition, a street play (skit) was also performed by students with the aim to instil the spirit of religious harmony, oneness and understanding among people. The enthusiastic participation of students with costumes symbolic of different religions was appreciated by everyone in attendance. The skit successfully communicated that religious harmony is significant in a diverse country like ours, for prosperity and growth of our nation. The students also took a pledge to uphold freedom of thought in religion and to respect each otherโ€™s religion in order to maintain harmony and build a strong India.

Sharing his thoughts regarding the event, Dr. Beniram Koche, President of Jeevak Yoga Treatment and Vocational Training Institute said, โ€œThe competition that we organized for the youths has impacted them in a good way. The youths started thinking about peace and humanity, and about themselves. There is discrimination that is made against them. Through the programs, they were finally able to understand.โ€

On the second day, HWPL Daegu-Gyeongbuk Branch entered and signed an MOU with Jeevak Yoga Treatment and Vocational Training Institute represented by representatives of each organization. The MOU signing was followed by a Peace Tree Planting Ceremony at the newly inaugurated Peace Park located at the premises of the institute which would become a symbol of peace and HWPL, thus representing Nagpur in the future.

On signing the MOU with HWPL, Dr. Koche said, โ€œThrough the MOU with HWPL, I want to develop every person’s mind like the mind of the Chairman of HWPL. He is our ideal, and we all must become like him. Now, through the MOU, our institute will receive the international support for our peace activities and will be able to work in a bigger platform for world peace and humanity.โ€