Peace education implementation possibilities in its diversity


On April 17th, a seminar was held at the Fresenius University Munich, Germany, under the theme of โ€˜Peace education implementation possibilities in its diversityโ€™.

This seminar, which started with Dr. Gertrud Mรผller, a lecturer at Fresenius University Munich, founder of tools4life, was organized to share HWPLโ€™s peace activities and was attended by 11 Fresenius University students. The seminar consisted of an introduction to HWPL peace projects, especially peace education textbooks, and a presentation on how students can practice peace.

It was time for students to break the prejudice that peace is impossible and difficult to realize, but instead to gain confidence in how to participate in peace activities and achieve peace after hearing specific measures to realize world peace.

Students expressed, โ€œI think it is very impressive that you do this work voluntarily. It really shows that you are really behind it and want to make a difference.โ€, โ€œIt’s so fascinating how much you can learn from nature (symbiotic relationships, balance, etc.)โ€, โ€œIt was so great that you were here again. You did such a great job. This is such an important topic.โ€ etc.

Dr. Gertrud Mรผller will continue to hold various peace seminars and peace activities with students.