Romania School Teaches HWPL Peace Education

“Education shapes a person’s heart and mind…The wind of peace education blows throughout Romania”


On December 5th, Scoala Gimnaziala Dr. Bernady Gyorgy and Liceul Technologic Gheorghe Sincai, two schools located in the city of Târgu Mureș, each held HWPL Peace Education cultural exchange programs for their students.

For this Peace Education’s curriculum, focused primarily on Europe, it strived to raise the students’ awareness of peace and helped them find various activities that students could carry out for the work of peace.

▲On December 5th, Liceul Technologic Gheorghe Sincai

On November 28th and 29th, Peace Education was taught at Scoala Generala #195 Hamburg, which is located in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. During the ‘Feelings of Peace’ program, students presented their thoughts about peace and learned how to understand others. They also took the time to comprehend the conflict and pain experienced in nearby regions, such as Ukraine, and discussed the students’ roles as citizens of peace.

Ms. Stefania Voicu, the principal of Scoala Generala #195 Hamburg who also sat in on the program stated, “It was a good experience for children to learn about new cultures and what is happening in the world, and that it was a good lesson to learn about the value of peace.”

▲On November 29th, Scoala Generala #195 Hamburg, group discussions on peace, mindmap on peace(right)

Ms. Diana Pitea, a teacher at Scoala Gimnaziala Dr. Bernady Gyorgy, stated, “The class was really great. Everything was great including the use of pictures from different cultures during the class and the translation. The children were sad that the class was only for an hour.”

Both of these schools that participated in the Peace Education program, signed an MOU with HWPL and plan on routinely carrying out more HWPL Peace Education programs in the future.